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Encore @ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL

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Afternoon tea set at Taman Tun area - what a nice suggestion. At times I felt the afternoon tea sets in hotel are way overpriced, and this for a change seems like the ideal fit for me. 

Walked in to this cosy looking cafe. 


They have the afternoon set priced at RM60 for 2 pax, and we ordered 2 sets.
The combination of pastries were just right - the portions and varieties were spot on. The set consisted of mini tarts, scones, tiramisu, sandwich, quiche, croissants, strudels. How very appetizing.

Overall, all tasted really good and they are not overly sweet. The price of it was surely a sweetener to the whole experience. If I had to choose, I must say, I particularly liked the salted caramel chocolate mini tart, tiramisu, and mini quiche. The type of items may differ across different sets.

Afternoon Tea Set. Price-RM60 for 2 pax

Close up to the goodies
This was the ala-carte items that is available. How I wish I have another stomach for these. Hehe. 

So appetizing 
Enjoying the moment, and I love the gold and white used for deco of Encore
Verdict : The ideal afternoon tea place, at affordabl e price.

Encore TTDI
20 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-7491 7208

Business Hours : 12nn-10pm (daily, except they are closed on Tuesday)


An outing for lunch on Friday is something I look forward to more, recently. Come across a restaurant that has good reviews on Google Reviews. 

Colleagues and I made our way here - Sg Way Petaling Jaya. Called the night earlier to reserve table, however, was informed that no table reservation accepted. 

This post is based on coming to the same restaurant 2 Fridays in a row, which means the food is good and we really liked it. 

Busy lunch crowd 
Started with char siu - tender pork with sweet sauce, good start. Had good amount of fats within, and as good as it taste, it however lacks the caramel-ness that sticks to part of the meat, or some burnt parts, that I particularly fancy.

The Fu Yong fried egg were tasty, and we really like it. As much as it tasted great, just thought its a tad expensive for a egg dish. 
Fu Yong Egg. Price - RM18.80
Claypot ginger chicken was one of my favorite. Chicken meat was tender, sauce and taste was of the right combination. The thickness of sauce was perfect to go with rice.

Claypot Ginger Chicken. Price-RM26.80
Super favorite was this Black Vinegar Pork Trotter - the sourness that comes with slight sweetness gave a really good kick to my senses once I sipped the soup. Each sip had me thinking, its sour, but its so good. Not a fan of fatty meat, but I sure know its a good source of collagen. Take it anyhow.

Black Vinger Pork Trottle. Price-RM20
Sweet & Sour Pork - taste was good, but texture is missing that slight crunchiness that I like. However, still a good dish.
Sweet & Sour Chicken. Price-RM22.80
Claypot Tofu was my least favorite. Gravy was good, comes with vege and roast pork, but the tofu was a little tasteless. 
We ordered the Bittergourd with roast pork just because the roast pork wasn't available for ordering o its own, hence we took it as a combination to bittergourd. This tasted alright.
Brinjal with long beans had the right flavors, cooked well. 
The other dish that we had 2 weeks in a row was the Morning Glory with prawns. It has the 'wok hei', shrimp sauce that made it flavorful, and in addition, crunchiness of the vege maintained.
From Top Right Clockwise : Claypot Tofu Price-RM20.80; Bittergourd with Roast Pork Price-RM22.80; Brinjal with Long Beans Price-RM22.80; Morning Glory with Prawns Price-RM20.80
We had a wonderful lunch, and its ideal for group, as we could sample variety of dishes. What amazes me was that, the chef/boss alone could manage all the cooking for the amount of crowd that patrons his restaurant.

Verdict : Everything tasted good (except for the tofu).

Must Have :
1. Black Vinegar Pork Trotter
2. Morning Glory
3. Claypot Ginger Chicken

The Home Cooking Dishes
555, Jalan SS9A/12,
Sg. Way, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 016-677 3200

Business Hours : Wed-Sun 12pm-2.30pm, 5.30-9.30pm, Mon 12pm-2.30pm, Tues Off


As much as I love authentic Thai food, a change to Thai fusion food offering is a good change. 

This row of shoplot at Damansara Kim has quite a number of good F&B outlets, which makes parking during weekdays at this area can be quite a challenge. 

My colleagues & I decided to have set lunch and add on some items from the ala-carte menu. 

What interest me from the menu - salad that says beansprout , and it comes with avocado. The slight sourness and the natural sweetness from the ingredients, makes u want to have more. What an interesting way to use beansprout, which is my first ever - and visually, this salad looks so good. 

Avocado Beansprout Salad. Price-RM15.90
As appetizer, we had the crispy boneless chicken. Tasty, yet a little oily for my liking. 

Crispy Boneless Chicken. Price-RM26 

Not sure of which pork we'd like, we ordered the platter that combined Roasted Pork, Grilled Pork and Pork Loin - the marination was done well, and its tasty to the bones. The meat was tender and juicy. 
Pork Platter. Price-RM100
These are some of the set lunches (comes with side salad and a drink) that we had. 

Curry Pork Belly with rice. Price-RM16
Grilled Lemongrass Chicken with Coconut Rice. Price-RM24

The tomyam noodle comes with angel hair - but I requested to change to meehoon. They are generous with the seafood portion and the taste of the soup was on point. I like the combination of spiciness and the sourness, a taste that wow-ed me.

Seafood Tom Yum Noodle. Price-RM16
Taste wise, overall satisfactory. 

Ambiance, neat and clean. The kind of atmosphere I would like to dine in.

Simple and comfy set-up

Simple and comfy set-up

Verdict : Great place to have Thai food, with a twist.  

Kompassion Thai Food
5, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Business Hours : Close on Monday. Tuesday-Sunday : 8am-2.30pm; 6pm-9.30pm

Tel : 03-7731 9256


Tujoh @ Section 17, PJ

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Group birthday lunch led us to Kafe Tujoh, tuck within the neighborhood of Section 17, which I never knew existed. 

Getting a car park may be quite a challenge at this area, during lunch time. 

Here it is, Kafe Tujoh

Some seats outside, for customers to chill

Busy during lunch time
I particularly like this skylight centrepiece, giving a good level of space within. The antique-like deco adds touch to this cafe, which was mainly made-up by old TV and radio sets. There were also movie inspired art piece that made-up their wall deco. 

My favorite part of the cafe
On the afternoon, we had the appetizer for sharing. Both were great tasting. The Cajun Sweet Potatoes and Boxing Chicken. The sweet potatoes was fried well - giving us the crunchiness, and the natural sweetness, a good change from the ordinary fries.  

Cajun Sweet Potatoes. Price-RM10
The popcorn chicken was marinated well, and each bite of it were tasty. 

Popcorn Chicken. Price-RM10
 I had the Tujoh Pan Fried Chicken. I requested the potatoes to be changed to salad. Overall this tasted fine - chicken was pan fried well, despite seeing some slight 'redness' within the bones. Red cabbage-slaw (instead of the normal coleslaw), was alright. 
Tujoh Pan Fried Chicken. Price-RM25
Colleague had the Potato dumpling al Pomidoro - served with homemade vegetarian tomato sauce. As part of lunch set, it comes with Lemonade drink. However, the sauce looks too thick for my liking. 

Potato Dumpling. Price-RM12

The more interesting dish were this dish served as part of set lunch which includes a Summer Lemonade - the creamy Seafood Tomyum. It was delectable to the palate, and has the tinge of coconut milk, mixed with the sourness from tom yum - truly appetizing. Seafood portion within was generous. 

Creamy Seafood Tomyum. Price-RM18
 The Carbonara has the right level of creaminess - and was tasty. 

Infamous Carbonara. Price-RM18

The breakfast was rather ordinary - has the must-haves within a plate - scrambled eggs, bacon and mushroom (despite the amount of mushroom wasn't that visible), sausage, toasted bread and some greens. 

Full Aussie. Price - RM25

Verdict : Selective dish that is must-have such as Creamy Seafood Tomyum. I'll return for its ambiance and to try their coffee. For the price of the breakfast set, it needs improvement. 

Tujoh Cafe
617 Jalan 17/10, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Business Hours : Opens daily at 11am. Close at 11pm (Mon-Thu), 12mn (Fri-Sat), 10pm (Sun)
Tel : 03-7932 3611 


Ah Meng Bah Kut Teh @ Klang

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A craving over a taste I that had not had for at least pass 6 years, got me to suggest my family to come for lunch last Sunday. 

Take note of the signage by the side

Super busy crowd on a Sunday, around 11am+
Nothing much has changed since the last I've been here, with exception that more kids are helping out. Owner's children has growned up, I suppose. 

Spot the owner 
Despite the over-crowded customers, the service were exceptionally quick. We ordered mixture of meat with fat. The claypot did not arrived piping hot, however, that did not take away of the deliciousness of this bowl of bah kut teh. The most important parts, the soup and the meat were perfection. Meat were so tender, with just the right amount of fats, and the thickness of the soup was so rich and was exactly what I liked. I enjoyed each spoonful as I savor the soup and meat, together with rice, which made my tummy so happy.  

I liked the fact that it was filled with so much of other ingredients, which I rarely get from other places - it has enough button mushroom, fu chuk (beancurd skin), lettuce and pig stomach. Nothing that I don't like in this pot of bah kut teh.  

Portion for 3 
The rice was so fragrant, seasoned well with shallot oil, and when eaten with fried shallots - added the extra yumminess. 

My yummy rice

Price list 

The total bill for 4 rice, sharing bah kut teh with portion meant for 3 came up to RM48.50. (with us that brought along our own tea). 

Verdict : This is one of the nicest claypot bah kut teh I've tried. The soup tasted really rich and every bite got me thinking of how much collagen I've consumed.  Thumbs up. 

Ah Meng Bah Kut Teh 
1 Tingkat Bawah,
Lorong Dato Yusof Shahbudin 42,
Off Jalan Jati, 
Taman Melawat, 41200 Klang
Tel : 016-271 5387

Business Hours : Daily 6.30am-2pm (however they close at their own discretion as well). 


Simply Thai @ Taman Gembira, KL

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I need to restart my momentum in blogging again. 

An almost once a year gathering close to Christmas led me to this, absolutely quaint yet surprisingly warm and well decorated Thai restaurant at the neighborhood area of Taman Gembira, KL.

Check out the hanging deco - from paper tang lung, to decorative umbrellas, and fanciful plates to deco the wall 

Nice leaves by the side of walls
Fish cake is one of my favorite started to any of my Thai meal. This fish cakes were fluffed with slightly thicker texture - filled with dense fish cake, and aromatic herbs. Absolutely yummy. 

Fish Cakes. Price-RM18.90 
The spring rolls were crispy, with fragrant taste of prawn fillings. However, felt the ingredients were loose ie. not enough.. 

Spring Rolls. Price-RM13.90

I prefer the clear tom yum soup, and this was surely a lift to my appetite. It carried the tangy taste that lingers in your mouth after each spoonful, the sourish balance with spiciness, despite I felt its a little over for my level of spicy tolerance. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it. The portion at this price of RM15.90 was enough for the 4 of us - thus I would say, really worth it. 

Clear Tom Yam Chicken Soup. Price-RM15.90
The paku pakis that carried the slight slimmy texture was yumms - and the fragrant shrimp paste was absolutely delicious. The right kinda vege to complete a Thai meal. 

Paku Pakis with Shrimp Paste. Price-RM15.90 

The one dish that got us nodding non-stop was the BBQ Talapia Fish with Salt. It was grilled to perfection with the flesh tasting so fresh, and with just the right level of being cooked. The salt by the side on certain part of the skin added extra ummph, and not forgetting, the green chilli sauce. 

BBQ Talapia Fish with Salt. Price-RM49.90
The 2 desserts to end our meal, the Tup Tim Krob and the Mango Sticky rice. The waterchestnut was of the right size, crunchy with just enough coating (I've tried many with way too thick coating that gave me way too much slimy taste, and with insufficient waterchestnut to bite), and topped with stripes of jackfruit. I really enjoyed this. 

Tup Tim Krob. Price-RM6.90
Last but not least, the Mango Sticky Rice- the mango was so sweet, and accompanied by the sticky rice with the right texture, drizzled by coconut milk - also one of the best I've tried. 

Mango Sticky Rice. Price-RM10.90

The drinks were left out from my photos - but seriously, their milk tea needs to be in the must order list. Not to sweet, yet with the aromatic tea taste. 

Verdict : The ambiance and the food taste deserved many thumbs up. It is also a very clean restaurant, and spacious. A well suited place for gatherings, to those who enjoys Thai food. 

Simpy Thai
Unit LG2-1, Seri Gembira Avenue, 
6 Jalan Senang Ria, Taman Gembira, 
58200 KL
Tel : 03-7971 9511

Business Hours : Daily, 12nn-3pm, 5-11pm

For more details, visit their FB


I remembered going to this Hainanese restaurant about 10 years ago, and suggested my colleagues to come here for lunch, since Paramount is one of the convenient location for us. . 

Simple, old restaurant yet keeps you coming back 
I barely remembered what I had previously, but I remembered it was good taste of home-cooked food. As one stepped in, one would realized there's nothing fancy about the restaurant but plain simplicity. The service was certainly one of the quickest that I've experienced in a restaurant.  

For choice of vegetables, we went with the option recommended which was the Kailan with Salted Fish. It was indeed one of the best I've tried. The Kailan was so fresh, and tasted crunchy, has strong wok-hei and good amount of salted fish within. 
Kailan with Salted Fish. Price-RM15
I'm pretty fascinated by how this fried egg was made. It was made with layers of egg white with choy pou ie. preserved radish. The egg were so soft and as we cut through, the raw egg yolk that tops it, melts through the egg. Yummy.. I can finish this all by myself. 
 Choy Pou Egg.  Price-RM15
The Threadfin Fish @ Ma Yau, was deep fried and texture of skin was so crispy. The simple soya sauce with oil was used as seasoning, and the freshness of the fish was apparent. The thinly fried sliced shredded ginger gave it extra ummph. 

Mayou Fish. Price-RM27

Potatoes is one of my favorite food.They sliced it thinly and braised it with sliced pork - the potatoes was just nice - soft enough, and the sauce was just perfect to go with our rice. The taste was tad sweet, but it is fine by me.  

Potato with Pork. Price-RM15
Verdict : 
The place to go to, when you want a taste of home cooked food. 

Restoran Ping Wah 
31 Jalan 20/16, 
Paramount Garden, 
46300 Petaling Jaya 

Business Hours : 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm (Mon-Sat) 
Closed on : Sundays 

Tel : Joe Hoo 012-2848754 / 016-366 8866; Madam Suan 012-284 7540

More details, vist their website