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Nippori Bistro @ Petaling Jaya

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My numerous attempt to dine at Nippori failed due to MCO in 2020. Finally, by Nov and Dec 2021, I made my 2 visits here. 
The most attention-grabbing has to be the giant-sized Fat Monalisa that greets you as you step in. 

Fat MonaLisa enjoying her meal too

I personally really liked this chicken. Crunchy chicken with fragrant taste, with tad sweetness that comes from their homemade honey garlic sauce. 

Garlic Honey Karaage. Price-RM32

This is no wonder their best seller, maki roll topped with mentaiko mayo, slightly torched and drizzled with sweet sauce. 

Salmon Mentai. Price-RM38

This served well as appetizer. Fine cuts of crab sticks with diced avocado mixed together with mayonnaise, wasabi, topped with spring onion, and tobiko. Another fancy dish that tasted good.  

Unstoppable Avo. Price-RM35

On both visits, I had the Spicy Olive Seafood pizza. Its filled with assorted seafood, olives, and just love the crispy pizza dough. Taste-wise, well balanced between the dough, cheese, and the seafood. 

Spicy Olive Seafood Pizza. Price-RM46

Wagyu bolognese tasted good though I must say the minced beef and tomato sauce tasted really good. Portion wise, would have been better if the portion is slighty bigger. 

Wagyu Bolognese Pasta. Price-RM32

Squid lovers should definitely opt for this pasta - Squid Ink pasta. Juicy squid that went well with the squid ink spaghetti.  

Squid Ink Seafood. Price-RM48

Overall, really liked the ambiance of Nippori, not forgetting to mention there are just too many instagrammable spots, both inside and outside of Nippori. 

Verdict : Price wise is on the high side, but the good food quality and the nice environments makes me feel its worth the visit. 

Nippori Bistro
B Land, Lot 2&3, B Land, Lot 2, 
Jalan Seksyen, Jalan 51a/225, Seksyen 51a, 
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 011-5992 0379

Business Hours : 10am-10pm.  


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