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Purple Cane @ Chinese Assembly Hall

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A call from Jo this morning 'informing' me that she's not that tied up at work this few days + an initial plan to watch 2012 was cancelled (as its fully booked) = ended up having dinner with Jo tonite.

Been to Purple Cane at Chinese Assembly Hall few years back, and we decided to revisit this place tonite. I like the clean and simple deco of the restaurant.

Inside Purple Cane

Going through its menu and seeing that each dish are served with tea, somehow made me 'guilt-free' for I have the impression that here is all about healthy dishes.

Once Jo stepped in, immediately she questioned me, 'have you ordered, so hungry, so hungry'. We quickly decided on what to order. First pick from Jo was the boxing chicken... Alrighty babe..

Ordered the ginseng chicken soup that came in a small teapot - just like the dobin mushi soup I love from the Japanese restaurants, and this is even better.. Cost about 4-5x less. Only RM4. I love the sweetness that derived from the chicken and ginseng, which was boiled with the Dong Ding Oolong tea.

Ginseng Chicken Tea Soup. Price-RM4

The pieces of boxing chicken were well coated with the sticky gravy (as it was cooked together with honey and lychee black tea). By the side of this dish was a few small size 'yiu diau'.

Simmered Chicken Boxing in Tea. Price-RM12

This egg topped with crunchy anchovies was an interesting combination.

Pan Fried Egg with Anchovies and Tea Mill. Price-RM7

I particularly liked this homemade beancurd. The outer layer of the beancurd was well fried, yet, the inner part of the beancurd was really soft. The cuts of dried meat, tea and minced meat was fried till real fragrant too.

Homemade Braised Beancurd in Tea Sauce. Price-RM15

This stir fried lotus fried with 'yiu diao' , mushroom, capsicum and chestnut was a rather 'clear' dish, and we can actually taste the freshness of the ingredients used in this dish.

Stir Fried Lotus Root & Waterchestnut with Tea. Price-RM12

Babe politely asked 'can I eat now?'. Hehe.. Babe, sorry to delay your eating time by 2 mins.. *<>*

Me & Jo

2 balls each to end our dinner - this rice balls were filled with black sesame and peanut. Nice. Not too sweet.

Rice Ball Dessert. Price-RM4.50

Though Purple Cane restaurant has been around for some time, this was probably my 3rd visit or so. Can't wait to try other dishes from its long list of items.

Purple Cane
KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
No 1 Jalan Maharajalele,
50150 KL
Tel : 03-2272 3090

(My actual visit here : 191109. Total bill-RM72.25)

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