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Pinang Lanta Seafood @ Kepong, KL

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I had 1 of the most wonderful time last Friday.. Spending the evening with my best friends from my school days ie. Lena and Cass (and of course with the company of Kelvin), we ended up having an evening overdosed with laughter.

Happy Rabbit Year, from me and my buddies

Engrossed in our photo taking (we snapped hundreds of photos of each other.. oh wow!!), we didn't realized how fast time flies. Needing to fill up our stomach quickly, I suggested Pinang Lanta, which is near to Cass's home.. also, I wanted them to try the steamboat here.

Unfortunately, when we got here, were told steamboat will only be served starting 14 Feb, and thus, opted to order dishes..

Lots of chinese wine was used to steam the lala, however, not sure if lack of supply during CNY, the lala wasn't that fresh.

Steam lala. Price-RM11

Lena, having stayed in US for a while, wanted to eat the loh mee. Frankly, tasted ordinary. Not bad, nor too good.

Loh Mee. Price-RM11

The butter chicken was filled with lots of creamy buttery sauce, and the chicken was fried till real crispy. Not bad.

Butter Chicken. Price-RM16

The highlight of the dinner has to be this plate of fried frog (frankly, I don't think I will be able to eat this, if I see the frog while they are still alive)... The flesh was really tender which tasted like a blend between fish and chicken meat, fried till real crispy with ginger, topped with lots of parsley, we all loved this.

Fried Frog. Price-RM24

Boon, Cass, Lena and I

After dinner, we adjourned to night photography. Which means snapping more photo of each other. Just love these moments.

View of Petronas Twin Towers. Magnificent.

Between having to order dishes and steamboat at Pinang Lanta, I prefer their steamboat hands down.
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Pinang Lanta Seafood
3G, 5G, Blk 5, Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
Kepong, 52100 KL
Tel : 013-482 9612 / 016-377 2028

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2 Response for the "Pinang Lanta Seafood @ Kepong, KL"

  1. the lala soup looks yummy.

  2. Hi Small Kucing,
    Unfortunately, the lala wasn't really fresh..
    I had the best steam lala in Klang, not sure if you heard of BOSTON.. ;)