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I have seen long queue at 'Go Noodle', One Utama, several times. Until I was asked by 2 friends, have you tried 'Go Noodle', I felt that perhaps I have missed out something, and feedback from them were that this place serve delicious noodles. 

Last Sunday, I attempted a visit to check out their noodle. Reached at 7pm, the queue was for approximately 20 mins, so we went to do a little shopping before returned to the restaurant. 

Wooden deco 
Extremely busy 
As we stepped in, we were greeted by lots of noise, ahh.. that makes it all the more Chinese feel. 

There were plenty of choices in their menu. One of their specialty are their Shaoxing wine, Mian Xian noodle, and varities of pan mee. 

My friend has highly recommended their mian xian and she was right. I ordered the Fuzhou Fishball mian xian, and add on fish paste. The mian xian has a silky smooth texture, and I like the clearness of the broth. The fishball has adequate meat within, and the fish paste has a springy texture. The parsley and spring onion gave the bowl of noodle slightly more fragrant. An almost perfect bowl of noodle, at a very reasonable price.

Fuzhou Mian Xian. Price-RM9.80. Add Fish Paste - RM2.80 
My friend ordered the same Mian Xian with Grouper Fish, similarly yummy with the freshness of the fish meat. 

Grouper Fish Slice. Price-RM15

Verdict :
Simple delicious with lots of varieties with absolutely reasonable price.

Go Noodle
LG 308, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama, PJ
Tel: 019-316 8866

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm


The Curve is a place I frequent for choice of F&B outlets.

After this many times, it was my first dining experience at Ah Tuan Ee's, I suppose the feeling to have Peranakan food came to us. 

The heritage looking entrance seemed to gave us a warm welcome. Nice ambiance with nice decoration around the restaurant. 

The wooden door that greeted us 

Clean restaurant 
Pai Tee that came with lots of slow cooked turnip, shreds of carrot and spring onion is one of my favorite Nyonya appetizer. This one at Ah Tuan Ee was one of the best I've tried, mainly due to the fragrant slow cooked turnip, and the very crispy thin and crispy shell that held the vegetables together.  

Pai Tee
I ordered the fried tung hoon noodle. I like the wok taste, and it was tasty, and came with lots of ingredients, that included prawns, beansprout, squid and lots of egg. 

Fried Tung Hoon 

The green curry chicken was a pleasant discovery. It has a mild green curry taste, and a prominent lime taste that made this such an appetizing order. Only comment is that I wish they have cut the chicken to smaller pieces. 

Green Curry Chicken. 

Overall, this restaurant has delivered a satisfactory meal to us. 

Ah Tuan Ee's Place
6 Jalan PJU 7/3, 
Mutiara Damansara, 
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-7710 0630

Business Hours : 
10am - 10pm


Restoran Boston Baru @ Kapar, Klang

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The mention of Boston restaurant to any Klangnite, it should somehow ring the bell. For patrons that looks for good tasting food, not cost you a hole in your pocket, and doesn't mind the environment, this is The restaurant for you.

Important to note, its either you come before they open their restaurant, so that you can be in queue to be their first round of customers... else, be prepared for probably the longest wait for your food to be served. Waiting time exceeding 1 hour is common, and you are lucky if it doesn't exceed 2. 

Despite it all, I still feel the food is worth all the hassle. 

Queue starts 6pm+ 
A common sight 
When they open their door, all those in queue will go around to get their seat, either inside the restaurants, on the pavement across the road, or along the front door of the shoplots (as they close for business). Those who comes after all seats are taken has to be prepared for the longest wait for their food and queue numbers will be given out. All those seated inside will get priority to order. 

I had meal here, probably more than 10 times, and it should have been more if not for the waiting time that most people dread or skip. 

They have a few must orders and their fried noodle does taste above par. 

We ordered their Tapioca Noodles which is made from tapioca starch. The taste of the noodle surely carried the 'wok hei', and love to the see this translucent noodle.They also use pork lard which was so crunchy and tasty and the noodle was perfectly cooked, with the right chewiness. 

Tapioca Noodle. Price-RM6
We ordered the large steam la la.I like how their lala was of the right size, with flesh in every shell. The chinese wine, bird eye chilli and lots of ginger used to steam the lala definitely gave the kick to our tastebud. The fried garlic that topped it was so crunchy and lend a strong aroma to the delicious plate of steamed lala. 

Steam Lala. Price-RM24
I love this cereal mantis shrimp by Boston. The size of the mantis shrimp was just nice, despite that some that were missing solid flesh, however, for those that you can, it has ample flesh for biting. 

The cereal cooked together with egg has a distinctive smell of butter which was divine. It was fried so perfectly that each cereal was so crunchy, sweet, tasty and we almost finish all parts of the crumbs. 

Mantis Shrimp. Price-RM16
 As we end the dinner, all seats are fully occupied, and new line of queue was in place. 

Another common sight 
A day later, I was already craving for the same food, and the food experience indeed lingered in my mind. With proper time planning, cutting on waiting time is indeed achievable. 

A meal that costed only RM50 was highly satisfactory to us. For the quality and price of food, I would willingly compromise with the long waiting time. 

Restoran Boston Baru 
1E, Jalan Kapar, 
41400 Klang, Selangor 
Tel : 016-268 3104

Opening Hours : 
7pm till late (advisable to come prior to opening time)
Closed on Wednesday



We were recommended this cafe, Frisson as the venue to celebrate my bestie's birthday dinner. Dinner is a better choice to head to Uptown, as parking space isn't as horrendous during the daytime. In fact, some of us have been here, especially for their dessert. 

For a Monday night, I would say I am pleasantly surprised by the flow of customers that patronize this cafe. In fact, it was full house. Upon trying their selection of food, I could then understand why. 

Frisson does serve good quality of food, with pretty varying selections, and I was most surprised with the offering of fish head curry. 

Full house on Monday night 
From the outside of Frisson 
As a start, I had the Salted Caramel Latte. I love the slightly foamy, yet creamy and soothing coffee. This was indeed an aromatic cup of coffee, despite I wish that the taste of Salted Caramel was a tad stronger. 

Salted Caramel Latte.
The food presentation was amazing, and us being there as the sun set, added point to the place. I loved moment as the sun sets, and the golden ray shined through the glass door right to our seating area. 

The salad was fresh, with lots of greens, corn, tomatoes and egg. Served with vinaigrette , this surely perks up our appetite. 

Classic Salad. Price-RM13.90
This I was told is one of their best seller. The grilled salmon with linguine. I liked the salmon that was so tasty, and grilled to perfection. The linguine was soaked with just the right amount of tomato sauce. It carried just the right balance of sourness, and love the smell of herb. 

Salmon with Fettucine. 
This version of Frisson's skinny pizza was yummy too. Very thin and cheesy. Love the melted cheese that topped this delicious piece of pizza. 

Skinny Pizza

This bagel with egg, filled with beef patty, and served with melted cheese was a winner dish too. Beef was very moist. 

We all nod with approval as we sipped in the creamy curry to our mouth. This pot of fish head went so well with white rice, and the flavour was very rich. Tasted better that some restaurant that served fish head curry, and yet, I still have to remind myself, yes, I'm actually having this dish in a cafe. 

Salmon Fish Head Curry. Price-RM34.90

A cafe that served food that tasted above expectation, and has great variety of food. Our stomach were all too full, but my friend raved about their dessert being super good, which refers to their waffle. 

Frisson Coffee Bar
71-G, Jalan SS21/1A, 
47400 Petaling Jaya 
Tel : 03-7732 9969 

Business Hours : 
11am-10.30pm (Mon, Wed-Fri), 9am-10.30pm (Sat,Sun) 

Closed : Tuesday 

FB link, here


Awesome Canteen. What a lovely name to a F&B outlet. The presence of this restaurant cum cafe had somehow lifted the image of the otherwise old looking shoplots at Taman Paramount. 

Ideal for photo opportunities 

The glass door and window used permit lots of natural sunlight into the cafe, whilst the lights that are hanging from the ceiling gave a more natural feeling and warmness to Awesome Canteen. 

Love the use of light boxes with artistic images, canteen like seating, especially the chairs, and lots of plants within. 

Inside Awesome Canteen 

Inside Awesome Canteen 
While waiting for all to reach, I had their Carrot Cake. It had a good balance of carrot and raisin, fluffy enough, with tinge of cinnamon smell, and completed well with cream cheese frosting. 

Carrot Cake. 

I liked their teabag tea that offered me just the right balance of taste and smell between the lemongrass and ginger. 
Lemongrass & Ginger Tea. Price-RM9.90 
Who wouldn't be a happy with a plate of fries for sharing? Love the thickness of the fries, dipped in the special sauce. 

Basket of Fries. Price-RM8.90 
The beef burger served with Rocky Blue cheese tasted absolutely delicious. Meat was so juicy and marinated so well, accompanied by fries and coleslaw gave my lunch mate a fulfilling meal,  

Beef - Rocky Blue Cheese Burger. Price-RM26.90 
I had their butterfish. Grilled to perfection, I could feel the firm texture of the fish. The fried sweet potatoes and grilled prawns were absolutely yummy, and the sauce that accompanied this dish definitely deserved a thumbs up.

Paleo Butterfish. Price-RM27.90 

My SIL highly recommended their Tofu Salad which was certainly something outside the norm. It was a delight to tried this salad. It was filled with sengkuang, tofu, lettuce, almond, pine nuts, purple cabbage, and cucumber. I perhaps missed out some ingredients too, but importantly, this was soo extremely good. The sauce striked a balance between sweetness and sourish. 

Tofu Salad. Price-RM19.90 
Verdict : Awesome place to chill with friends. Nice homemade cakes, and one of a kind Tofu Salad. 

Awesome Canteen 
19 Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount, 
46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-7865 8048 

Business Hours : 11am-10pm (Tue-Sun) 
Kitchen Close : 3-6pm 

FB link, here


One weekend, me and my best friend decided to explore China Town. I wanted to reminisce the good old days, and what is better than having my lunch at Old China Kafe which also served as antique gallery that I can get to appreciate while savoring my meal. 

Entrance to the Old China Kafe

Beautiful wall, surrounded with lots of old frames of photos 
Steps leading to the toilet. Look at the old fridge which is still functioning.

As appetizer, we ordered the Pie-Tee which were crispy hat-shaped cones made of rice flour, and we filled this up with bean sprouts, cucumber, sweet turnip (which were slow cooked till soft) and some fried onion. This served as a good snack, and has to go with dash of the chilli sauce. Despite the filling tasted good, I felt the 'Top-Hat' lacked crispiness. 

Pie-Tee/Top Hats. Price-RM7.80

Opted for the Coconut Rice which looked so beautifully as it is cooked with tinge of blue pea flower. We were highly satisfied with the Nyonya Fried Chicken, that carried slight spiciness, cooked with local herbs, roasted coconut grantin and fragrant coconut cream. The sauce was creamy enough and went really well with the rice. 

Nyonya Rendang Chicken. Price-RM15.90; Coconut Rice. Price-RM1.90
The mixed vegetables cooked with oyster sauce were stir fried till just nice, maintaining the vegetable freshness. 

Chinese Mix Vegetables. Price-RM10.80
Old furniture had surely maintained its charm, with the place surrounded by tourists to Malaysia, and locals as well. 

A charming cafe 

Verdict : Satisfying food taste operated within a charming old cafe occupying the heritage row. Ought to at least experience once by locals, and a must for tourists. 

Old China Kafe 
11 Jalan Balai Polis, 
50000 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel : 03-2072 5915 

Business Hours : 11.30am-10.30pm 
Last order : 9.30pm 

FB link, click here


If I were to award a restaurant for the most interesting concept and design, I would award it to non other than Brolly. 

The 6 of us took the challenge of getting in to town for our dinner gathering, and upon battling the jam, we all reached safely on the rainy evening. 

I was pleased as soon as I turned into Menara Felda also known as Platinum Park, being greeted by 3 artistic mannequins. With the cooling breeze that greeted me, I was in a great mood as I stepped in to Brolly. 

The lighted bus that serve as bar area stole the limelight, and what a unique idea this is. I love the transparent glass panels that surround Brolly, and I was smitten by the aromatic popcorn that was popping away. Its always nice that guests are given the popcorn as snack, foc. Lovely gesture. 

The outside are of Brolly 

The interior was seriously impressive. I seemed to walk through sections of display that seemed to be endless and was unique on its own. 

The design revolved around various theme, which seemed like inspiration from travels, and mechanic, as I saw gramaphone records, US license plate, and tools used by mechanic being used as decorative items, which were all plastered neatly on different walls. 

Interesting interior 

Bar seating area 

Pool table, with car hung upside-down

The highlight of the interior ought to be this pillar of wash basins that used tyres as sink, gasoline pumps for tank, and side mirrors hung all over the pillar. Love the lighted Christmas tree that reflected onto the side mirrors. 

How much I love the Christmas tree side-by-side with the washing "sink"
The room that we reserved was big, and I love the car ream used as decorative to the room's door. 
Nice room for privacy 
The menu was somewhat interesting, combining 9 categories of food, that ranged from Chinese, Japanese, Western, with aplenty of offerings such as live seafood, pizza, chicken wings, rice and desserts. 

Their drink menu was refreshing to me, and one range of drinks included beer booze mixed with margarita, and other flavorings were also available. 

Classic Beergarita. Price-RM28

The appetizer was so charming in presentation, with the fried onion that took centrestage. Those that came slightly later has totally no clue what was this. The onion was beautifully opened up, and fried till crispy.The coating was thin enough and the sweetness of onion was apparent, and dip was yummy to accompany each strip of the onion.

Onion Flower. Price-RM18
The salad was deliciously healthy and the light sauce that accompanied them, a good start to our dinner. 

Rocket Mango & Grilled Watermelon and Pineapple Salad. Price-RM22 & RM15

The buffalo wings came with 9 choices of flavors and we picked the Kung Po, and the Japanese Curry version. As much as they were both very tasty, and were strong in flavour, I felt I was crunching too much of the skin, that resulted from the batter. 
Each serving came with 3 pieces of big sized chicken wing, cut to 6 pieces.

Buffalo Wings. Kung Po and Japanese Curry version. Price-RM18 each 

The one order that I think I would repeatedly order is the Prawn . Reasonable in size, they were fried till extremely crunchy, highly fragrant, and coated well with spices. 

Prawn Popcorn. Price-RM23

The pizza choice we made was Seafood Matriciana. It tasted fairly well, with thin crust, and topped with small cuts of seafood and lots of goodness from the cheesy cheese. 

Seafood Matriciana Pizza. Price-RM28

The one item that was enjoyed the least was the spring chicken with Chamalla sauce (used mix of herbs). Lovely presentation, with some salad, mashed potatoes, and herb sauce that accompanied it, but the taste of the herbs was overwhelming to me, and somewhat I did not like the herb taste. 

Spring Chicken. Price-RM45

We also took the chance to celebrate a lovely friend birthday, and with that, we were presented with unbelievably generous amount of dessert, COMPLIMENTARY! Wow! 
There were 6 of us, and 6 jars of dessert were brought to us.
Love the simple presentation that used mason jar, with generous portion of each. What we tasted included Creme Brulee - extremely creamy and milky, Honey Yoghurt - sourish and totally appetizing, Chunky Peanut Butter Granola - healthy and crunchy, and Rocky Road - chewy and yummy. 
Everyone has their own favorite, and I must, all tasted equally delectable. 

Dessert In Mason Jar. Usual Price-RM16 each
Verdict : It's a great place for booze, finger food, plenty of food varieties. Service was exceptional. Price is fair, however, there are some seafood that is priced on a high side. 

Food - 7/10,  Price - 7/10, Service - 10/10, Ambiance - 10/10 

Ground Floor,  Menara Felda, Platinum Park, 
No 11, Persiaran KLCC, 
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours : 11am till late

Tel : 03-2181 4122

FB link, here