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Pinang Lanta Seafood @ Kepong

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A few friends gathered to bid farewell to Shereen, during end Oct '09. We went for drinks at Library, Cineleisure. And man, for those first timer to Library, we were all caught with surprise. Interesting library interior, and it was really crowded.

The ever popular Hoegaarden

Shereen (in the middle) with the 1st group of friends

Shereen (2nd from left) with the 2nd group of friends

A cheers to Shereen - all the best

By close to 11pm, some of us headed all the way to Kepong for supper - all thanks to Kent for suggesting, though we were initially doubtful over the idea of having steamboat as supper.

There are a number of choices for its soup base which ranges from herbal, tom yam, fish meat with yam, pepper pig stomach etc. For each soup base, min order of 2 persons required.Some soup based are priced at RM12.90 and some RM16.90. We had the herbal and tom yam, and the tom yam is high recommended, and what made this a little unique than others is that it comes with vegetable which tasted close to 'choi kiok'. Highly appetizing.

We could tell just by the look of the ingredients that they were really fresh. Liked the various types of 'balls' served - fish, meat, sotong balls, and also the others - fu chok, fu pei, fish noodle, golden mushroom, and a whole long list of others.

Fresh, fresh, fresh.. Yummy, yummy, yummy

The fresh plate of ingredient

We also had the plate of steamed squid, different from the common fried squid. This tasted alright, however, found it a little hard to chew.

Squid. Price-RM20

Shereen & Kent

A picture as memory.
Behind from left : Sally, Janice, Kent, Aloysius
Front from left : Myself, Ivy, Shereen, Lily

It was nice that all could gather the other night, and Shereen was really touched to be able to see some of her closest friends before heading to Taichung, Taiwan, to pursue a career she's truly passionate about.

Pinang Lanta Seafood
3G, 5G, Blk 5, Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 2,
Taman Usahawan Kepong, Kepong,
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 013-482 9612, 016-377 2028


(My actual visit here : 231009. Total bill -RM87.80)

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4 Response for the "Pinang Lanta Seafood @ Kepong"

  1. Hi Fren...it was a good memory and great time with you all:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said...

    Went to this stupid simple looking Chinese restaurant tonight for the first time. Found many dishes in the menu were not to be served as named e.g. something with 3 types of mushrooms was actually contained one type of mushroom, special seafood pot was some seafood with pork ....

    Finally, ordered four small sized dishes for four persons.
    We were shocked when the first dish was served. The small sized vegetable dish looked more like medium or big sized dish, depending on where you might have it. When asked, the guy who took order said it was RM15 ! Quickly we reduced our order to only three dishes.
    Recalled most dishes in the menu did not indicate prices except some items.
    A place to be avoided by all means.

  3. Lovinlife says:

    Oh dear..
    What a poor experience you had.. I haven't been there for quite a while.. not sure if I'll go back, based on your feedback..

  4. Anonymous says:


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