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What's with my craving lately? This morning after delivering my cupcakes order, my craving signals 'char siu'. However, I totally forgot which turning to take, and thankfully there is "WAZE" that directed me. 

Alright! I found it..  They have good flow of customers at around 11am.


The wan tan noodle truly is 1 of the best I've tried.. chewy texture in every bite, with just the right taste..  
Oh the pork doesn't need more introduction, as it has just the right fat level, and the edges comes with slight chewiness, and absolutely fragrant from its marination. Superb. 

A set of this wan tan mee priced at RM6.70 and this same price applies to its char siu rice.

Spring Garden Restaurant
25, Jalan Sepadu C,
25/C, Section 25,
Taman Perindustrian Axis,
40400 Shah Alam

Business Hours : 
7am - 4pm 

Tel : 019-337 9319, 016-205 0660 (Max Lim)


The 3 of us were seated at Pappa Rich, Setia Alam this morning, when Ryan posted to Cass and I, why don't we bring Cass to eat Bah Ku Teh, since we are so nearby Klang.. After looking at each other for few seconds, we decided, yea, why not... So Ryan politely informed the staff that we are leaving to eat Bah Ku Teh, and he will make it up with future visits to Pappa Rich.. Haha..

Ryan suggested this Bah Ku Teh place at Setia Alam, which I've never heard of. This part of the shoplots (not same area as Pappa Rich/Old Town) is relatively new, with not many shop lots occupied. He recommended this place as she thinks is quite good..

So here we are :

Fang Xiang Bah Ku Teh

We were asked if we want to take this special part of the pork, which we agreed to, when we were told, this part of the meat isn't too fat... Cass & I were presented a bowl each of this special pork, which I later found out its the waist part of the pork (apparently it isn't easy to slice this part of the pork). Just by looking at it, it spells the word 'tender meat' to me.. and true enough, it indeed was, and just loved the whole part of meat, which comes in form of almost neat layers... Most importantly, the fat part was just nice for me
bah ku teh soup is unlike the usual, as it doesn't has the strong herbal aroma that bah ku teh usually carry, and this, comes in a form, which tasted more like thick gravy from stew pork.

Special Pork. Price-RM12

Mr Ryan, being the gentleman, did the serving..To make him happy, we complied. Haha..

Dai Kuat (big bone) that Ryan had

Fang Xiang combines 'Xiang' which means fragrant, whilst 'Fang' was taken from the lady boss name, which also represents 'Se Fang Fat Tat'.. The lady boss is a pretty young gal, which wanted to be different (she ought to be the 1st lady owner of bah ku teh pottery, and especially since, she is young - only in her mid 20s).

Each pot of bah ku teh is cooked personally by her brother, as it is very important for them to maintain the 'fo hau' (the right heat to cook).

There is also option the more soupy version which comes in claypot, and they will soon introduce more dishes, namely signature prawn, and their homemade taufoo. As it is, they have added dim sum which is also made by themselves, to their list of offerings.

Wa, so much info I digested over brunch today... and the good news is, they will open another outlet at Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, by mid Oct... I can head there then.

Fang Xiang Bah Ku Teh
13A-1, Jalan Setia Prima S U13/S,
Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam.
Tel : 016-205 7655 (Syvonne Lee)

Business Hours :
7am-3pm (Mon-Fri & Sun),
7am-3pm & 6-9pm (Sat)
Off day 1st & 15th of lunar calendar


After shopping at SSF with empty stomach, we were 'desperate' to fill our stomach by the time we finish at 4.30pm+. Oh, Kepong is one of the area that I am so unfamiliar with. However I remember this area nearby where I went for Fei Fei Crab, quite some time ago..

Reached without any problem, and after rounding 2 rounds, spotted this pan mee shop that seemed favorable looking to us - having enough customers, at this hour of time.. (5 mins to 5pm).

When we walked in, I asked sis, why so messy, with lots of tissues on the floor. Then we realized, that was because it was their closing hour, and staffs were busy cleaning up to close for the day. We were just in time to make the 2nd last order.

They only had 3 choices - pan mee soup, pan mee dry and another more superior bowl of pan mee for sharing.

We opted for the soup and dry pan mee.

While I was eating my soup pan mee, sis immediately nodded when she took one spoon of the dry noodle. Asked her if the nodding was for the taste of the noodle, and she said, yes yes... Uh.. that got me excited to take a bite..
First I gotta try mine..
The soup, sweetness from the broth was apparent, and the soup isn't the clear clear type, as it was filled with minced pork, shallot, spinach,and mushroom.. And the pan mee texture was soooo good. It was really smooth. I liked it as it is.

Soup Pan Mee. Price-RM5

The dry pan mee version was even better.. if I said this was the best dried pan mee noodle I had, I am not exaggerating. The pan mee smoothness surely deserved a thumbs up, but it was the special thick sauce, which was so tasty that made a whole lot of difference. Wonder what is the secret recipe, but surely yummy to the max.

Dry Pan Mee. Price-RM5

Simple set up of the restaurant

Shop was closed, by 5pm...

I will definitely come back again if I am at this area. The best of all, we don't feel thirsty after this meal, which we are not sure if no MSG or minimal of it was used.

One Six Eight Pan Mee Restaurant
3-13 AA, Jalan 2/2,
Desa Aman Puri,
52100 Kepong, KL
Tel : 03-6276 5208 (May Lim)

Business Hours :
Closed on Wednesday, alternate weeks


Oriental Cravings @ One Utama, PJ

Posted by Sherlyn K On 1:12 PM 2 comments

This was one of the restaurant that I frequented, when I was working at Tropicana, about 6 years ago. Wanting to touch base as to, if the food here still taste as good, suggested to Eug to have dinner here. He gladly complied, even though he was here during lunch time. Wah! So nice of him. Maybe that's the beauty of meeting up old friends once a while.. Hehe!

Oriental Cravings. Never fail to have good crowd.

I wanted to try their cendol. And surprisingly, my first scoop of this shaved ice into my mouth, I immediately voiced out 'soooo nice, wor!'.. It has the really thick gula melaka, sufficient coconut milk, soft cendol, and I liked the ice that has this slightly 'harder' texture. Overall, PASS!

Cendol. Price-RM4.90

We also really liked this lotus root with petai, with chunks of garlic, stir fried to perfection. The lotus root retained its crunchiness, and the minced pork that went with it, added extra aroma to this dish. Yummy! I will order this again the next I'm here.

Lotus Root Petai. Price-RM16.90

The golden beancurd was as perfect as I last had it years ago. The ultra soft texture beancurd, wrapped around by this thin layer of crispy beancurd skin, topped with the extremely topping, made-up of dried prawn, minced meat, and radish. It was seriously, aromatic, to the max!

Golden Beancurd. Price-RM11.90

As for meat, we opted for chicken with rice wine, the soupy version. This claypot of tender chicken, came with fried egg, black fungus, and cooked with light rice wine, was just the right order we made. Hot and soupy, it went just so well with the overall dish and rice we were having. Well, guess I just love rice wine.

Rice Wine Chicken. Price-RM26.90

Eug & I . Lucky Eug still can smile, despite having to solve his many issues (which comes as a package of being in advertising industry) over the phone.

I can't wait to be back again, to Oriental Cravings. I also remember that their oatmeal prawn was absolutely delicious too.. Will have this the next time I'm here.

Oriental Cravings
G359, Phase 2, One Utama
Tel : 03-7727 2581


Oriental Pavilion @ Jaya 33, PJ

Posted by Sherlyn K On 2:15 PM 1 comments

A dinner arranged by my dear friend, Jo Har, for a few ex-colleagues to have a meet up with the Rock-Queen, Sio Chian (our ex-boss), in conjunction with her new sports car.. Hehe.. what a reason, to meet up. As I suggest, we should go to further destination, like Seremban, for BBQ crab next (also to celebrate a few new cars ^^ )

A little waiting took place during the dinner, and Ms Tan filled us by sharing on 'feng-shui' and the '5 Elements', talk. Interesstting...

Sio Chian showing off her 'green' new camera.. Whatever possible, she now uses 'green'..

Just a little thing would have gotten us confused... doesn't really fancy the menu that goes by partly cost indication by pax, and some by portion.

Despite that, we really liked the Chinese food served here, cos I hear a few 'xxx is nice' throughout the dinner.

The dinner started with this serving of yummylicious roast chicken. The chicken was roasted till real crispy on the skin part, while remaining its tender juicy meat inside.

Roasted Chicken. Price-RM76 for whole chicken

Loved the beancurd, with slightly crisp skin, holding the soft yet 'compact' texture. These beancurd were laid nicely on top of lots of spinach, topped with lots of mushroom.

Braised Imperial Beancurd with Spinach. Price-RM24 per portion (we ordered 2 portions)

This vege we ordered seemed to have some similarity as the beancurd dish. The spinach was cooked till just nice, and we get this really soft spinach, cooked in imperial sauce. Enough for all us to get quite a big bowl.

Spinach. Price-RM48

The 'nai pak' was a favorite too. Just simple stir fried with garlic, we love simplicity of this dish, and ordered a 2nd serving.

Nai Pak. Price-RM20 per portion

By the time we were served with this longevity noodle, we were all full, and thus couldn't really finish. It was fried with mushroom, crab meat and vege. I love the taste of this too.

Noodle. Price-RM20 per portion

Despite some of us that were really full, we decided to add this order - Baked Otak-Otak Cod Fish in foil. Glad we did. Just love how aromatic this dish was, baked together with otak-otak. The cod fish was very fresh, and a bite combining this and the otak-otak, absolutely yumms..

Baked Otak-Otak Cod Fish in foil. Price-RM16 per pax

These were all that made it the other night. Hope to have more ex-colleagues join us in future.

Love the color combination of those standing... :)

While we continued chit-chatting, noticed that phenomenon of IPhone! As ALL OF US (except 1), are IPhone users... We respect choice by different individual, but we suppose to see another converting to IPhone soon..

Check out the fanciful IPhone covers (and how the Nokia seemed so out.. hehe)

Took the opportunity of the 2 birthday girls, and some Red Velvet that I brought, to sing this 2 lovely ladies a birthday song..

Candice & Sio Chian. Have a great birthday celebration.

Hope to catch up again real soon.

Oriental Pavilion
Lot P104, 1st Floor, Jaya 33,
3, Jalan Semangat, Section 13,
46100 PJ
Tel : 03-7956 9288


Heard so much about Kennedy's at Kota Damansara, but being there on a wrong day ie. Monday (found it closed), had me & Cass opted for Home Made, fish head noodle instead.

I was extremely pleased to find this popular fish head noodle in such spacious and comfy environment.

Nice place for lunch

We had a little boy that required lots of attention...

"Give me your IPhone"....

I ordered their 3 layer milk tea.. This was by far the best I've tasted of 3 layer milk tea, after those that I tried from Kuching years back...Has this fragrant gula melaka taste, that compliments the other 2 layers made-up of tea and milk..The sweetness level was just right too.. Yumms....

3 Layer Milk Tea. Price-RM3.50

I ordered the Deep Fried Fish Head Mee Hoon. I have always liked my fish head noodle with milk, and also filled with lots of spring onion, tomato, salted vege, and I was happy to found generous portion of deep fried fish head, and fish meat. I liked the crunchiness on parts of the fried fish, enough meat for me to bite and the chewiness on some parts...
Overall satisfied with this bowl of noodle.

Fried Fish Head Mee Hoon. Price-RM8.50

Cass had hers with fish paste. Trust it would have been equally good.

They do not sell just fish head noodle, and within their menu, they also sell various toast breads, rice dishes... with a little similarity to chains such as Kim Gary and Pappa Rich..

Home Made Fish Head Noodle
(saw row as Pappa Rich - and they have another branch at Mid Valley)
8-1 & 10-1, Jalan PJU 5/5,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 PJ
Tel & Fax : 03-6141 7978 / 012-236 1312 (JC Chin)

Another outlet of this


A meet-up at Empire Shopping Gallery, with my dearest ex-colleagues/boss, Alicia and Remus. We gave Remus the choice of where to eat, since he is now based back in KK. He opted for Lam Mee Ya, which didn't took us long to agree... He totally loved the food here, as he just had lunch at the same place, and again, during dinner ._.

One thing which I took notice from the 1st time I've been to Lam Mee Ya, is their menu. Overall, its a menu that carried clean look, with clear white background and most importantly, delicious looking food. Simply love their food photography...

Just love their menu... Uhhh.. everything looks so good

Remus immediately ordered the famous Lam Mee Ya char siu bun...
Oh, it was just sooo good... Soft bun, filled with lots of fillings, which tasted extremely delicious. The minced pork was extreeeemely tasty...

Char Siu Bun. Price-RM2.90 each

A change from my usual visit, where I usually go for their lam mee, we decided to order dishes...

Each of us had a bowl of their 'dan dong', and I had the white radish.. It came really hot, and we slowly take each sip with full satisfaction. Can really taste that this has been boiled long enough, for all its natural taste of the ingredients to have came out so strong.

White Radish Soup. Price-RM7.80

Jes opted for the steam rice with lard, good choice! looked absolutely delicious.. Am sure it brought extra 'kick'... the rest of us took the steam rice..

Lard Steam Rice. Price-RM3 (normal steam rice - RM2.80)

Asam Squid and prawn, I have nothing much to say, except that it was just too spicy for us...

Asam Squid & Prawn. Price-RM8.80

The Steam Pork with Black Bean sauce looks appetizing on the menu, and it doesn't fail when came to the real thing. This went so well with our rice.

Steam Pork with Black Bean Sauce. Price-RM7.80

The asam chicken tasted just nice. Chunks of chicken fried, and then cooked together with asam sauce. The asam with just the right level of sourness, made this a real appetizing dish.

Asam Chicken. Price-RM7.80

The sweet and sour pork had just the right texture, and had this caramelized effect. Nice.

Sweet and Sour Pork. Price-RM8.80

Another dish that got us praising was the pork leg with vinegar. Pork cooked till tender, whilst the soup was sour enough, with slight sweetness, made us wanting for more.

Pork Leg with Vinegar. Price-RM10.80

Each time I met Alicia together with Remus, it reminded me of the good old days. I had a wonderful dinner, despite us feeling rather hot, seated quite near to the kitchen.

Jes, Alicia, me and Remus

Lam Mee Ya
LG31 Lower Ground,
Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel : 03-5635 9818 / 5635 9858


Restoran Yin Her @ Sungai Buloh

Posted by Sherlyn K On 1:46 AM 2 comments

With my aunty and uncle from Perth for a short trip, it gave more reason for me to meet up with my other relatives. Each time when meet up, the most popular question heard, will be 'where shall we eat this for lunch/dinner?'... Last Tue, Aunty from PJ suggested to have dinner at Sungai Buloh. This is 1 area that I am least familiar with.
When we reached the restaurant, we headed to the non air-cond area, facing the pond . Though without air-cond, it was a chilly night, as it was just after rain, and with slight wind breeze, what a nice weather...
After taking a look around, one thing prominent was the lush greenery - lots of plant...

Surrounding of the restaurant

Just next to the restaurant, there is a lake for fishing, with charge of RM20 per 3 hours.

There were a few man, patiently waiting for their rod to get hooked..

Our plates of food were served relatively fast, and I was told that this restaurant is really packed on weekends. No luck for crab the other night, as they have not been getting their regular stock.

As we looked at the plates of food placed on the table, we knew we are to savor good tasting food - Bon Appetite..

This was the braised yee mee and hokkien mee hoon noodle we had. The hokkien mee hoon was a little too wet. However, it doesn't lack the taste a good plate of noodle should have. The yee mee, just the right taste I'd like in a plate of noodle. Braised till just soft enough, and not soggy. Overall, these 2 plates has generous amount of ingredients - like vege, squid and pork.

Braised Yee Mee. Price-RM12

Hokkien Mee. Price-RM10

The winner has to be this plate of fried tanghoon. This was cooked to close perfection, not too dry, tasty overall, with lots of beansprout, prawn, cuttlefish, pork and not forgetting the dried prawn that was found in every other mouth of tanghoon I had.

Fried Tanghoon. Price-RM10

The salted mantis shrimp has this really wonderful aroma - the crunchy bites of this will set you wanting for more. Uncle said, this is best taken with beer. Makes a wonderful snack food too.

Mantis Prawn. Price-RM20

The steam lala was one of the favorite for all of us... This thin shelled lala, gave a nice chewy texture, and the soup which has a strong taste of chinese wine, and was cooked using wolfberries, ginger, and just enough chilli padi - its important that chilli padi doesn't overkill the whole taste. Nice!!

Lala. Price-RM25

We were then served complimentary dessert, a bowl each - the barley fu chok, with sago. Lovely way to end our dessert. Was told by cousin, that if we were to order rice and dishes, the owner will serve complimentary soup. I supposed every customer welcomes free stuff, yea?

Complimentary bowl of dessert

I had a wonderful dinner, catching up with my aunties and uncles. The dinner was 'spiced' up by my entertaining 'Aunty Mei Kei'.. :)

A group photo with all my relatives...

Another photo together, this time, just the ladies.. :)

Restoran Yin Her
(from Subang Terminal 3, go straight and turn left, heading to"Kg Baru Sungai Buloh". Then turn into a rocky pathway when you see "Restoran Yin Her" sign on the left).
AL 114, Jalan Welfare,
Kampung Baru, Sg Buloh, Selangor.
Tel : 03-6156 5876 / 012-298 1889

Business Hours : 11am-10.30pm (Mon-Sun)