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Umami @ Dataran Mentari, PJ

Posted by Sherlyn K On 6:24 PM 0 comments

Dataran Mentari ought to be an area with the most steamboat buffet places. Was scheduled to meet a good friend of Shereen's ie. Yee Ling from Taiwan, and they have suggested to come to Umami. The brightly litted signboard surely helps to ensure that you won't miss this house of steamboat, when you are around this area.

Brightly littled signboard - UMAMI

When I reached, the table was already all filled with food. They opted for the herbal and tomyam soup. The mentality of coming to buffet is that I usually won't expect the food quality as when I am to pay by ala-carte. Of course, the soup base was a little diluted, however, within acceptable limits.

As its buffet, they have filled up the herbal soup base with lots and lots of golden mushroom. As 1 of them is the member of Umami, we have the privilege to have a bowl of sharksfin soup, each.

"Yin Yong' base of soups, combining tom yam and herbal soup

I liked Umami, as there wasn't queue here, with such variety of ingredients offered. I would have taken much time to just to count how many of items that were offered on the buffet spread.

Countless variety on the buffet spread

If lucky, customers could also get really big sized crab claws.. We had a lot of food that night, filled our stomach with good stuff - fresh scallops, fresh tiger prawns, crab, mussel, fishballs, meatballs, beancurd, mushrooms, lots of vege......

There is also the bbq corner where customers could request for bbq items such as crabs, chicken wings, sate..... The sate here is delicious..

Partial food that we ate

The gang whom work or students of Jing Guan :)

House of Steamboat
12B (GF), Jalan PJS8/17,
Dataran Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-5622 2663

Business Hours :
11am-2pm (lunch @ RM21.80 nett per pax), 5-11pm (dinner @ RM26.80 nett per pax)


Shasa Shabu-Shabu @ Kuchai Lama

Posted by Sherlyn K On 10:37 AM 7 comments

Being the only one that worked on 4th day CNY, joined the gang for dinner after work. *-* We ended up having Shabu-Shabu at Kuchai Lama, as recommended by Lung.

Priced at RM31.80 per pax, no wonder this buffet steamboat restaurant was jam packed when we arrived.

From Japanese restaurant that used to serve sushis on conveyor belt, steamboat buffet restaurant that uses conveyor belt style are also getting more popular. We can take anything from the conveying belt, and also order the pork and beef slices. For plates of fishball, each plate only has up to 3 pieces or so. So nice to see all the plates stacked up.. Shows that we eaten a lot, and make it worth the money paid.

Each of us will get own bowl of soup. Soup choices are miso soup, clear soup or tom yam.

Plates of 'good stuff' on the conveyor belt

During first 10 mins or so, we were continuously taking plates from the conveyor belt. Seriously, there are really lots and lots of food - fresh plates of fishballs, prawns, meatball, pork and beef slices, vege, beancurd skin, mussel, squid, dumpling... really bermacam-macam le..

Lots of food

Upon filling up our stomach, we can relax and snap a few shots of ourselves.

Alycia and I

'Kan Pei' - Me, Jo and J

Cool hairstyle or what??

The 4 good friends - Jo, J, Lung and Alycia

By the end of the dinner, the table was completely messed up. And yes, we have eaten lots of food.

All messed up

Map to Shasa Shabu-Shabu

Shasa Shabu-Shabu

Japanese Style Steamboat
11 & 13 Dinasti Sentral,
Jalan Kuchai Maju 18,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 KL

Tel : 03-7984 0092


Restoran Xenri @ Old Klang Road

Posted by Sherlyn K On 6:06 PM 0 comments

I was all excited when I was on my way to Xenri, as I've heard about this place serving buffet, like 2 years ago. And I've heard it from soo many people, claiming Xenri as one of the best Japanese buffet.

I was pleasantly surprised when I parked my car in front of Xenri, as the whole area was real serene. What a big difference from the ever busy Old Klang Road.

In front of Xenri

Though Xenri was packed with customers, however, the flow of people to the buffet corners around Xenri was just nice. Glad that there isn't the moment where people are "fighting" over sashimi/oyster. Hehe.

The corner where appetiser, sushi, oyster, fruit were located

For oyster served at buffets,if its big sized oyster, they are usually quite tasteless with overly slimy oyster. However, the oyster here, though big enough, tasted good and fresh. Each oyster were careful cleansed before they were placed on the 'serving boat'.

Big yet yummy oyster

On the outside of Xenri, tables were placed where customers will find the teppanyaki, tempura, sukiyaki, and grilled meat and vegetables being served.
All items were freshly cooked

I especially love the tempura prawn. The batter of prawn was just nice - isn't too thick, and the prawn has a taste of sweetness and freshness.
Tempura prawn, and chicken sukiyaki

My stomach was nearing to burst, and it was then when I remembered I have not tried the 'Daikon - white radish' soup, and since Rina highly recommended this, I walked out to the buffet table, to get myself a bowl of Daikon soup. This was my favorite out of all I've eaten from the buffet. The soup was the sweetest I've tried and it all came from the natural sweetness of the white radish used in the soup. I also love the seafood taufoo, hard boiled egg, and the other types of 'fishball' that were used to cook this.

Bowl of the must-have Daikon soup

Sweet moment, Rina & BC, happily chatting away

Had many rounds of food, and this was the final round of food we had that afternoon

The spread of fruit and dessert available

The green tea ice-cream, longan, cincau, peanuts, pineapple were just amongst of the items we added to this bowl of ABC. And it was a real satisfying end to our buffet.

Yummy Air-Batu-Campur

Xenri overall offers a very relaxing environment

Apart from tasting a really good spread of buffet, and most importantly, good quality food (worth paying RM46++ per adult)- it was also a fruitful lunch - as it is from this lunch that I have extra 2 'kaki' to join me to Siem Reap. Yay!!

Restoran Xenri
No 9 Wisma Elken, Jln 4/137C,
Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 KL
Tel : 03-7783 8118


Sudu @ KL Hilton

Posted by Sherlyn K On 11:37 PM 1 comments

I meet up Cass for semi-buffet at Sudu, KL Hilton last week, to take advantage of Cass's membership card.The semi-buffet offers choice of a main meal from their menu, and unlimited serving of appetizers, other food and dessert from the spread. Price will be based on item ordered from the main menu. 3 selections are made available for each of the differently priced main meals - RM99, RM119 and RM129 which are further subjected to 15%.

I chose the slow roasted salmon with oyster mushroom and asparagus whilst Cass opted for the roasted lamb, with stir fried vege and peanut sauce. Both priced at RM119, each.

As it will take 20mins for preparation for the main course, we started our dinner with mushroom soup - which tasted really good as can taste its made from fresh mushroom, fresh prawns,baby octopus and oysters (topped with caviar) - the size of oyster was just nice, not too big, and absolutely fresh. Good start to our dinner.

Mushroom Soup

Oysters, Bamboo Clam, Prawns and Baby Octopus for sharing

The slow roast salmon was roasted till really soft, and served together with risotto. Somehow, I do not quite fancy how this was done, as it felt a little too soft. Guess this way of preparation doesn't quite suit me.

Slow Roast Salmon

Cass loved the lamb. Doesn't have the too strong taste of lamb.

Roasted Lamb

Though I was complaining to Cass that night on how my pants has gone tighter, which signals that I should be going on diet, I in fact did the opposite by going for a few rounds of food. Hmmm... However, we weren't tooo greedy, for we only took ala sampler size of some of the preferred items from the spread.

Sampler Plate.. hehe..

The fresh seafood and assorted caviar

Cass absolutely loved the aromatic coffee - she had 2 cups, and me being really really full, managed to slowly sip, and finished 1 cup too. We ended the semi buffet with bite-sized desserts, and 2 'mini' scoop of ice-cream.. Hmm..

Me & Cass. Cheers Cass.

Pleasant evening. The price that came up to about RM150 after discount was a little high. Thought it wasn't quite worth it should we need to pay full price.

As patrons to restaurants, we were entitled to parking voucher of RM6 for first 2 hours. Our both parking fee combined came up to RM32 - wa liau... that's the price to pay for 'lepaking' at KL Hilton.

Sudu, Hilton Kuala Lumpur
3 Jalan Stesen Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur


(My actual visit here : 071009. Thanks Cass for dinner)


During the Ramadan month, Buka Puasa buffet are made-available by most hotels/restaurants. Its such a treat for the Muslims to break fast with unlimited choices of yummy food.

We were invited by our client, The Royale Chulan together with the media, prior to opening up of their buffet to the public, to try out the Ramadan buffet spread.

Upon walking in, can truly felt the atmosphere of Raya - with Malay stalls serving different eatery at the open area outside the cafe. On the actual days, there will also be ghazal music played by Chark Khun Chak.

Covered open area

Nice & cosy atmosphere

When entered the buffet area, we seriously didn't know where to start. There were so much choices, of up to 800 local and international dishes, ranging from Malay, Japanese, local, appetizer, kuih, dessert etc.

Small part of the overall selection

More food

Cold dish. The oyster, crab & prawn was really fresh

The spread of Japanese food

Neatly displayed-sashimi

The yummy dessert, and fruits

I love this bowl of Malay laksa - a little sourish, with strong fish broth, not too spicy... really yummy

Malay laksa

From the past buffets that I've been, I think this is one of the best, in terms of selection and taste of the food. We definitely under-performed that night. Was really full after an average of 3-rounds, ONLY. hehe.

The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur Hotel

No 6,Jalan Conlay,50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2688-9688

(My actual visit :210809. Price RM99 nett per pax. Thanks Client for the dinner)