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Gerai.The Food Loft @ Setia Alam, Shah Alam

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Hang out with Glenies a while ago, and she suggested this simple local dish restaurant that opened at Setia Alam. When she said, its called 'GERAI'... I thought 'I bet its not the normal hawker stall, just couldn't wait to check it out'.

The restaurant has a very simple deco, and carries 1 important element - was really clean.. As you enter some restaurant, you know you are there for either their ambiance, or you wouldn't mind a really simple one in terms of deco, as long as they serve good food, and clean. So, I suppose that Gerai falls in to the 2nd category.

Inside of Gerai

I was having a slight difficulty when going through the menu, as there were quite a few dishes that caught my eyes. They have all the local dishes that one would like to have, including pan mee, curry noodle, nasi lemak etc.

I felt like a bowl of curry laksa, so opted for that. I liked the color of the curry, not too red, with a light curry color... The bowl of curry has all the complete ingredients with hard boiled egg, fish cake, chicken, taufoo pok, cockles... I like the curry richness, and the overall taste that isn't too spicy.

Gerai Laksa. Price-RM6.50

I tried a little of the dried chilli pan mee. Though chilli pan mee isn't one of my favorite, thought it has just the right flavor.

Dried Chilli Pan Mee. Price-RM6.50

Anyone that knows me would know that fish cake is one of my absolute favorite. I would have fish cake / fish ball, any time, and wish there is a fish ball buffet.. haha..
There is a slight crisp of the skin covering the fish cake, and though it lacks just a little 'springy-ness', overall it did satisfied my tastebud. .This plate of fish cake is really worth paying for, as the 4 generous size of fish cake cost only RM4.90 (1 slightly bigger size fish cake cost around RM6 at another restaurant that I frequent).

Fish Cake. Price-RM4.90

Overall, Gerai is just the kinda place one would choose to visit for goodness of the good old hawker fare, that can be enjoyed more comfortably.

It's nice to know that I can count on 'Gerai' to offer me good quality food at the right pricing, the next I am around Setia Alam area.

Gerai. The Food Loft
6-1-1, Jalan Setia Prima (B) U13/B,
40170 Shah Alam
Tel : 012-302 8698 / 016-934 4484

Business Hours :

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