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Cielo Dolci @ Paradigm Mall @ Kelana Jaya

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Paradigm Mall seemed to be one of the most talked about new mall in town.

As curious as the others, I was there with Cass a week plus after its opening, and spotted this new gelato place... Cielo Dolci, love the Italian name which translates to sweet heaven.. Who mind to end up in sweet heaven? Hehe..

The menu board that represents 'heaven'..

The sales person graciously offer us small scoop of the gelato for sampling. Both Cass & I immediately fell in love with the durian flavor, and the next natural thing to do, is to order..

Who can resist not having at least 1 scoop, after looking at these?

The prices range from 1 scoop to 5 scoops... We opted for 2 scoops at RM15.80. Well, as both scoops fitted in this small cup, thought the price is considered high. Despite that, it doesn't stop us from enjoying this super creamy natural tasting gelato.

Durian flavor tasted really yummy, however, the salted caramel tasted a little too sweet for our taste bud (despite it tasting fine when taken in sampling scoop).

2 scoops of gelato. Price-RM15.80

Cass & I, about to enjoy our dessert

Some answers as to why Cielo Dolci is so good...

Spot this logo when you are at Paradigm Mall next

Cielo Dolci

LG 50, Paradigm Mall,
No 1, Jalan SS7/26A,
Kelana Jaya, PJ

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