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The Vanilla Place @ Empire Gallery, Subang

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After reading much about this little cafe that opened at Empire Gallery, I can't wait to try it out myself. The 'Tea for 2', available from 3-6pm, seems like the most worth it deal in town, priced at RM18.80. Just wanted to point out that it seemed a little misleading from the menu as it states 'Tea for 2 (RM18.80 per pax)', but it's confirmed that RM18.80 is for the entire set, meant for 2 pax.

Well, once seated, I first ordered the 'Tea for 2'... Its true, it has a long list of mini delicacies, however, of the 13 different types of dessert/finger food served, the quality of it, really wasn't there. Perhaps the most worth it is the tea for 2 pax. The excitement of being presented the mini items ended as soon as I taste the food.

Tea for 2. Price-RM18.80

All the food from the 1st tier of plates wasn't quite edible, to me. The mini cupcakes were not at all moist, and topped with hard sugar icing swirls, the cookie doesn't taste good, and so was the macaroon. It doesn't have the delicate fine taste a macaroon should present.

1st tier of plates - OUT...

The 2nd tier - mini scones was absolute dry, mini brownie was alright, and was topped with overwhelming amount of cocoa powder, which choked us, and as for the 1 big size of strawberry dipped in chocolate, nice in size, but taste sour. The chocolate helps us from finishing the strawberry.

2nd tier of plate - also OUT..

3rd tier of plate was the most decent of all.. The tomato bruschetta was real tasty, topped with lots of cut tomatoes, and avocado, the tuna sundried and tomato sandwich was alright, however the mini pie and mini quiche was just normal, with soft crust. The thing I most not like was the top hat, which has a real thin skin, with finely shaved carrots.

3rd tier - was ALRIGHT, compared to the other 2 tiers

In terms of satisfaction, thank god that we got it from the Spaghetti Carbonara as it was really tasty and good. It has really lots of cream, and loved that each bite of spaghetti, or the ham or mushroom has sufficient cream to go with it. Yumms.

Spaghetti Carbonara. Price-RM14.80

My niece went to the cake display shelf, and as much as I tried to convince her to choose Pavlova, she still wanted the Oreo Cheesecake.

Qi taking her pick

The oreo cheesecake was alright, though it won't be my absolute favorite. Its a very dense texture piece of cheesecake, with a little oreo here and there. It also has this thick chocolate that served as the base, and by the side.

Oreo Cheesecake

In terms of the right cosy atmosphere, The Vanilla Place will be the right fit.


Spot this cafe in the middle, while walking towards Toy 'R Us.

The Vanilla Place
Level 1 - Empire Shopping Gallery,
Subang Jaya
Tel : 03-5022 2198

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  1. next time i have to drop by already. Looks yummy