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Oriental Pavilion @ Jaya 33, PJ

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A dinner arranged by my dear friend, Jo Har, for a few ex-colleagues to have a meet up with the Rock-Queen, Sio Chian (our ex-boss), in conjunction with her new sports car.. Hehe.. what a reason, to meet up. As I suggest, we should go to further destination, like Seremban, for BBQ crab next (also to celebrate a few new cars ^^ )

A little waiting took place during the dinner, and Ms Tan filled us by sharing on 'feng-shui' and the '5 Elements', talk. Interesstting...

Sio Chian showing off her 'green' new camera.. Whatever possible, she now uses 'green'..

Just a little thing would have gotten us confused... doesn't really fancy the menu that goes by partly cost indication by pax, and some by portion.

Despite that, we really liked the Chinese food served here, cos I hear a few 'xxx is nice' throughout the dinner.

The dinner started with this serving of yummylicious roast chicken. The chicken was roasted till real crispy on the skin part, while remaining its tender juicy meat inside.

Roasted Chicken. Price-RM76 for whole chicken

Loved the beancurd, with slightly crisp skin, holding the soft yet 'compact' texture. These beancurd were laid nicely on top of lots of spinach, topped with lots of mushroom.

Braised Imperial Beancurd with Spinach. Price-RM24 per portion (we ordered 2 portions)

This vege we ordered seemed to have some similarity as the beancurd dish. The spinach was cooked till just nice, and we get this really soft spinach, cooked in imperial sauce. Enough for all us to get quite a big bowl.

Spinach. Price-RM48

The 'nai pak' was a favorite too. Just simple stir fried with garlic, we love simplicity of this dish, and ordered a 2nd serving.

Nai Pak. Price-RM20 per portion

By the time we were served with this longevity noodle, we were all full, and thus couldn't really finish. It was fried with mushroom, crab meat and vege. I love the taste of this too.

Noodle. Price-RM20 per portion

Despite some of us that were really full, we decided to add this order - Baked Otak-Otak Cod Fish in foil. Glad we did. Just love how aromatic this dish was, baked together with otak-otak. The cod fish was very fresh, and a bite combining this and the otak-otak, absolutely yumms..

Baked Otak-Otak Cod Fish in foil. Price-RM16 per pax

These were all that made it the other night. Hope to have more ex-colleagues join us in future.

Love the color combination of those standing... :)

While we continued chit-chatting, noticed that phenomenon of IPhone! As ALL OF US (except 1), are IPhone users... We respect choice by different individual, but we suppose to see another converting to IPhone soon..

Check out the fanciful IPhone covers (and how the Nokia seemed so out.. hehe)

Took the opportunity of the 2 birthday girls, and some Red Velvet that I brought, to sing this 2 lovely ladies a birthday song..

Candice & Sio Chian. Have a great birthday celebration.

Hope to catch up again real soon.

Oriental Pavilion
Lot P104, 1st Floor, Jaya 33,
3, Jalan Semangat, Section 13,
46100 PJ
Tel : 03-7956 9288

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