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Got lost when trying to look for this restaurant last week. Once one saw the BHP on the far right, on the road heading to Bentong, one has to quickly look out for a turning on the left hand side, to get into this area. We went on straight, for a ride, and had to U-turn back.

Pacino being a Bentong boy recommended me Restoran Yu Kan. And were relief, when spotted this restaurant, directly opposite BHP.

Colorful motorcycle color parked outside 'Yu Kan'. Special color effect, thanks to I-Phone's 'Camera Bag'

We badly needed to fill our stomach by the time we were seated.

Lady boss taking order, while we posed for the camera

pond behind the restaurant area, Yu Kan is known for its fresh talapia fish. We opted for the claypot fish. It was piping hot when served, and true to what its known for, it was really fresh, and came with thick fragrant gravy.
Steamed Claypot Talapia Fish. Price-RM26

We also liked the homemade beancurd topped with lots of minced pork. Slight crispiness on the outside, this homemade beancurd came in a whole big piece.

Homemade Taufoo. Price-RM6

The 'young' watercress vege known as 1 of the oldest known leaf vege consumed by human beings were stir fried with garlic, and it was real crunchy to bite.
After a search from 'Wikipedia', found that watercress claims many benefits which acts as stimulant, source of phythochemicals, antioxidants, digestive, and cancer suppressing properties, among others.

Watercress Vege. Price-RM8

This thinly sliced pork was fried till extremely hard and crunchy. Coated with honey, it added much flavor to the pork. Real fragrant, but I still prefer the one served at Chuan Kie at Goh Tong Jaya. My earlier post of the same dish ordered.

'Kon Fa Yuk'. Price-RM15

We also ordered the mushroom with fish paste. This was a clear plate of vege, but we didn't really liked this, due to the slight bitterness in the mushroom.

Mushroom with Fish Paste. Price-RM13

Though the overall food was alright, it doesn't garner one to travel all the way for its food. And since this was a stop we made on the way to Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi, it wasn't too bad la...On the contrary, we felt that we have made a little too much effort to get to Colmar Tropicale, and having to pay RM12 for entrance fee per adult, it wasn't that worth it after all, as really 'with one eye you see it all'.. ie. really nothing much to do there.

Restoran Yu Kan / Kolam Ikan
Batu 17 1/2, Bukit Tinggi,
28750 Bentong, Pahang
Tel : 012-263 1029

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