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Port Village @ Tg.Harapan, Klang

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Suan and her family made a trip to Klang last weekend. Our interrupted bowling session (due to problem with the pins) had us ended the session late. And our legs were all wobbly by the time we got to the lunch place.

Spotted a monitor lizard, having its walk during the hot afternoon

And sorry la, to get to this Port Village, need to still walk through this path to get there. Despite our wobbly legs, we had to push ourselves to walk few steps faster...

Wooden path to get to the restaurant

As soon as David spotted 'food', he immediately grabbed it. Crackers also can do la... But, too bad, after trying the crackers, felt it doesn't taste too good, as after frying, it still has the sides that were still 'hard'.

David - "My stomach is growling badly. No kidding!"

It was late by the time we got there, so there were lesser crowd. By the time we got there, the crabs were sold out.

The restaurant

A view from the restaurant

We ordered the fried mee hoon with lala. It was fragrant enough, and combined with the mini size lala, we just like the overall taste of this.

Fried meehoon with lala. Price-RM15

Then came the mantis shrimp. We initially wanted to order salted mantis shrimp that came with the shell, however it was sold out. Thus ordered this 'kam-heong' style. Though it was fragrant, the mantis shrimp was coated with quite a fair bit of batter, which made it crispy - HOWEVER, the overall texture was really hard and a little too chewy, and . Could hardly taste the mantis shrimp.

Mantis Shrimp Kung Po Style. Price-RM18

Ordered their specialty - taufoo. This was the favorite amongst us. Fried till golden brown, this combining taufoo and minced seafood + minced carrot, resulted in really good tasting taufoo. The texture was just nice - a little like fish cake.

Fried taufoo. Price-Rm12

As for the fried egg with oyster, thought the batter was a little too thick. And somehow, I didn't liked this.

Fried Egg with Oyster. Price-RM20

The 'hainan' noodle was the last to be served. It tasted a little sourish - using thick mee, fried with cucumber, onion, egg, chicken meat, and fish cake. This would have tasted much better, if it wasn't for this plate of noodle has gotten cold, by the time we ate it.

Hainan Noodle. Price-RM10

We overall had a satisfying lunch. As I drive to work from Klang to D'sara Heights, including some days during weekend to meet up with friends, so its nice that for a change, friends came over to Klang. ^-^

Me, Suan and David (he thought he wasn't in the picture.. hehe)

Here's my earlier blog on Port Village .

Restaurant Port Village Seafood
LMS A 12800, Tg.Harapan,
42000 Pelabuhan Klang
Tel : 03-3176 4530

Business hours :
11.30am-3pm, 5pm-11pm (Mon-Fri)
11.30am-11pm (Sat-Sun)

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  1. LAW YK says:

    Ya! show us more Klang Restaurant ma, since you stay at "pah sang"

  2. True true.. apa la me... Should promote more 'Pah Sang'. ^-^