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Kedai Makanan Seremban @ Seremban

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Just last Saturday alone, my car had traveled about 240km +/-, heading from Klang to KL to Seremban to Ampang and back to Klang. Phew!

Craving that Vincent had, had us travel all the way to Seremban for the BBQ crab.

Not being able to recognize which was the right restaurant, we ended at the restaurant with a big crab sign, and upon seated, was told they ran out of crabs.. What a disappointment, we thought at first. We were all delighted when we spotted the right restaurant further down the road, filled with customers, with up to 3 tour buses outside.

2 different sign-board, from the same restaurant

We were all set to just have crab the other night, however ordered 1 plate of vermicelli as something else to filled up our stomach... And this was one of the best tasting vermicelli I've tried. Fried simply with egg, lettuce, onion, beansprout, red chilli and clams, this plate of noodles really has the right taste of 'wok hei' which is the flavour, taste and "essence" imparted by the hot work during process of stir frying.

Vermicelli with clams. Price-RM12

It was this bowl of concoction that kept us 'occupied' while waiting for the food to be served. Not forgetting to mention, despite the big crowd, the vermicelli was served 10mins after our order, and next 5 mins was our butter crab, and the 'hero' dish, BBQ crab, in the following 5 mins. Impressive..

And back to this concoction, it tasted so good, slight sourish taste, not too spicy, combined parsley, garlic and chilli, and has this little tinge of lime taste. We dipped it with the crackers served before dinner. This also taste good with the crab.

Tasty concoction

Ready, get set, go...... for the crabs.

Me, Vincent and Audrey

The crabs whether small or big size cost RM48 per kg, and min order is 2 crabs, per order. This first was that was served was the butter crab. The crab was really fresh, but felt that it doesn't carry enough 'buttery' taste.

Butter Crab. Price-RM48 per kg

This 2 nicely positioned BBQ crab was absolutely pleasing to taste. Licked the sauce and boy, it has such fragrant taste - slightly burnt taste, with slight saltiness of the sauce, I'm almost out of words to described how good the crab was. Coupled with the thick flesh from this extremely fresh crab, this trip all the way to Seremban was absolutely worth it.

BBQ Crab. Price-RM48 per kg

With the 4 crabs, and a plate of vermicelli for dinner, we had to struggle a little to finish off everything. But to the end, we managed well.

Who ate the most crab?? Hehe..

Direction to Seremban Seafood Village.
Kedai Makanan Seremban
No 3720-3724, Jalan Tuanku Munawir,
70000 Seremban, N.S.
Tel : 06-7641 260
H/P no : Kung Choy, 012-628 7661

Business Hour :
11am -1am

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