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Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

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Introduction from the blogger :
I have invited my nieces to depict my 'Big Fish Moment' experience, and I am hereby presenting the 'Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut' starring Qi and Yao.

Qi : "Boy, I slept till almost noon today, and my stomach is growling"

Qi : "I could barely open my eyes"

Qi : "Sis, what should we eat today?"
Yao : "My craving just kicked in .. I want Fisshhhh!"
Qi :"Alright, let's wake up, get changed, and follow me"

Qi checking with Yao on what she like to eat, before getting out of bed

After their bath, Qi took Yao to the kitchen.

Qi :"Let's cook ourselves.. Could you lend me a hand. I see mom do this all the time. Looks real easy"
Yao : "Ok! If you say so"

The girls enjoying themselves, doing the 'masak-masak'

After minutes of attempt, Qi gave up.
Feeling extremely hungry and disappointed, Yao can't help but to cry out aloud.

Yao : "Where is my fish!!!! Waaaaaaaaa!!!"

Being the loving elder sis, Qi gently pat Yao's face, in hope to pacify her.

Qi : "My dearest sister.. you don't need to react so greatly over a meal"

Qi trying to coax Yao not to cry

Yao cried even louder after hearing what Qi had to say.

Yao : "Today is jut not my day... Go away, go away!"

Yao : "Watch out for my flying kick"

After failing several attempts, Qi maintained her coolness, and suddenly, a thought came to her mind. A standee outside Pizza Hut which she saw from Pizza Hut @ Subang Parade last week, that also spells 'F-I-S-H' and not just that, it's 'F-I-S-H K-I-N-G'.

Qi : "I've got a brilliant idea"

Qi got a driver to bring the both of them to THE place... Pizza Hut outlet at Taman Sentosa, Klang.

Spotted Pizza Hut from afar

From the standee, Qi remembered the 'talent' caught some cute fishes using fishing rod, and she would also like to attempt and demonstrate to Yao, how catching using fish net is like.

At her first attempt, oooppppsss... failed.. Caught Yao in the net.

Yao : "Hey, sis.. Why did you catch me"
Qi : "I don't mean to, but you do look cute in it". "Let me try one more time"

Qi feeling ticklish over the fact that she caught Yao with the fish net

During the 2nd attempt, not sure how Qi did it, but she was also caught within.

The 2 girls struggled, without help from any passerby.

Struggling to escape

Qi : "Yao, stop smiling, and help us get out of here!"
Yao : "Don't blame me, it's all your fault wanting to demonstrate catching fish using this fish net"

Trying harder to escape

After few minutes of struggle, both managed to escape.

Qi : "Luckily my hair is not messed up"

After much drama outside, the girls finally get to step inside Pizza Hut.
This is such a big Pizza Hut outlet, and it is even connected to KFC. Spacious with holding capacity of up to 2 floors, this is really a popular dining place for people around this neighbourhood. With its interior using much of brown color, and the right kind of lighting, it just added to the the cosy-ness feeling.

Inside Pizza Hut

When Qi spotted this traymat on the table, she immediately shouted out "THIS IS IT!!" "The pizza that the fisherman on standee was holding".

Makes one drool just by looking at the Fish King Pizza traymat

Been thought to be a prudent kid, Qi immediately did the comparison :
Fish King Set 1 (recommended for 2 persons)
1 Regular Fish King Pizza
2 Soup of the Day
4 pcs Garlic Breadstick
2 glasses of Pepsi
Price - RM28.00

Fish King Set 2 (recommended for 4 persons)
1 Large Fish King Pizza
4 Soup of the Day
4 pcs Garlic Breadstick
1 pitcher of Pepsi
Price - RM49.00

Wow, the above deal is definitely 'Big On Fish! Bigger On Value'... However, since there were only the 2 of them, and after much discussion, they would like to consider the a'la carte menu :
RM23.90 for Regular Pizza, and RM32.90 for Large Pizza.Wanting to pack home some, they opted for the Large Pizza.

Qi and Yao : "Now that we have ordered, we are on stand-by mode to eat"

All ready to eat

When the Fish King Pizza was served, they put on their 'spotlight' eyes by making their eyes go bigger, so that they can see clearly the extremely yummy looking serving of pizza.

Qi : "Mamamia!! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 fish fingers"
Yao : "I'm going to eat 2, sis 2, and we can pack back the rest"

The girls fully set their eyes on the Fish King Pizza

It would be difficult for one to resist this 'biggest catch', the latest introduction by Pizza Hut, the Fish King Pizza. Served piping hot, it is loaded with 8 fish fingers made from specially-imported Alaskan Pollock, crabsticks, Mozzarella cheese, roasted capsicums, yellow onions and juicy pineapples, on all a cool lime mayo sauce that simply spells 'REFRESHING'. A pizza serving so compact with ingredients, and Alaskan Pollock being said to be "the largest remaining source of palatable fish in this world" truly depicts its tagline of 'Big On Fish! Bigger On Value'.

Yummy-licious Fish King Pizza

How can one not drool over the cheesiness of the Mozzarella cheese that gives the chewy and stringy effect as it melts.

Align CenterFish King Pizza, with the 'melting' strings of the Mozzarella cheese

After just 1 bite of the pizza, Qi and Yao can't resist but to give a thumbs-up.

Qi and Yao : "This surely deserve our thumbs up"

Qi took each bite of the pizza with full satisfaction. All ingredients in this Fish King Pizza complimented each other so well, and the tender on the inside and yet crispy on the outside of Alaskan Pollock fish was Qi's favorite.

Qi : "This is what I call enjoying my every moment of Fish King Pizza"

Yao on the other hand, being a cheese lover, just love it when she saw the string of cheese when she pulled the pizza away after her bite.

Yao : "This fish king pizza is indeed filled with cheesiness of the mozzarella cheese"

Minutes later, Yao, seeing Qi almost finished up her share of pizza, quickly held her pizza really tight.. Just in case....... She too, enjoyed each bite of this supreme flavour Fish King Pizza, and with the cheesiness, truly a plus point.

Yao : "Take bigger bite, before Qi attacks my share of pizza"

After finishing their share of pizza, the 2 girls can't wait to head home, and share the delicious pizza with their family. While leaving Pizza Hut, Yao noticed someone was looking at them.

Yao : "Sis, I think someone is looking at us"
Qi : "Don't be afraid. I'm here to protect you. Let's find out what they want"

Qi giving Yao assurance that it's ok

After clarifying, they were actually asked if they'd like to be the 'model' for Maybankard and American Express credit card. And so, they happily agreed, and posed for it.

Offered exclusively for Maybankard and American Express card members, a discount of 30% is extended for Fish King Pizza a'la carte pizza order, for dine-in and take-away only.

What a deal! Not just the Fish King Pizza is Big On Fish! Bigger On Value! and now, an additional perk to sweetened the entire deal....What other way to conclude that 'The Deal Just Gets Better. Only at Pizza Hut. Specially for Fish King Pizza Lovers'.

Qi and Yao posing with the Maybankard American Express card

Acknowledgement from the blogger :
The entire 'Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut' has been "produced" just as how I wanted it to be. Much credit is to be given to
- the 2 "professional" models - Qi and Yao, for their hard work (though it wasn't that hard as they truly enjoyed every bite of the pizza)
- the mom of the 2 models - Wen, for her support in her daughters' love for 'modelling' cum 'acting'
- the photographer - Fei, and also for his valuable input

A big Thank You for making this 'Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut' possible.

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