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Yuan Yean @ Yong Peng

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Fishballs, fishball, fishballs. Something I can never say no to.

My cousin that stays in Yong Peng recommended Yuan Yean to us, which is his favorite, as it serve 1 of the better tasting noodle and fish ball. Thus, headed there for late lunch.

It occupies 2 shop lots, with 1 of the shop lot being air-conditioned

The fishballs here are made from ikan parang/saitoh fish. Just by the sight of the fishballs, I can't wait to have 'em.

"Bouncy" fresh fishballs

My bro-Fei, standing by the stall, while we wait to be seated

It was indeed pleasant to meet up with some of my relatives/cousins, the younger generation. As much as I've grown older, I somehow can't seem to register that they have old grown up as much.

Me & my cousins-the younger generation, all with thumbs up

My adorable nieces. Qi especially love to eat. Almost anything goes.

Yao, Wen, Me & Qi - all thumbs up too.

I ordered the kuey teow soup. I like the clear broth used, and the fishball was really fresh and 'bouncy'.

Fishball Noodle-Soup. Price-Rm4

The dried noodle somehow tasted better, as it has just the right amount of soya and black soya sauce.

Fishball Noodle-Dry. Price-Rm4

Fei felt like having otak-otak, thus we ordered to try. A little disappointed with this, as the texture of this otak-otak was a little too soft, and tasted bland.

Muar Otak-Otak-Prawn. Price-RM8

The one must-try ought to be this saitoh fish cake. Being fried, the thin outer layer of the fish cake carries slight crispiness which makes this even more aromatic. Overall, we could feel the fine-texture and freshness of the fish cake.

Fried FishCake.Price-RM3.80 per pc. Above picture is 2 pcs of the fish cake

Yuan Yean Fishball Eating House
123 Jalan Besar,
83700 Yong Peng, Johor
Tel : 07-467 3985

Business Hours :
8am-7pm (daily, close on alternate Wed)


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2 Response for the "Yuan Yean @ Yong Peng"

  1. Anonymous says:


    Would really like to try. But am not very sure how to get there. Can you please provide direction from the toll at Yong Peng? Thanks.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Apologies for not reverting earlier.
    Here's the direction :
    After exit Yong Peng toll, turn left.
    Go straight till you reach traffic light.
    Turn right, and go straight till you see Caltex on the left. The restaurant is just beside Caltex..
    Hope you will be able to find..