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Restoran Oversea @ Imbi, KL

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We took advantage of the fact that we are already in KL to dine at Oversea. The restaurant has quite a good crowd by the time we got there at 6pm, and without reservation, the only table available is by the garden, ie. outside, without air-condition. After much persuasion and highlighting the fact that we are just there to eat, and will leave immediately after, we got the lucky table, no 18.

A friend shared with me that he read in a food review, that Oversea's bbq pork is 1 of the food one must have before they die... Though sounded 'kua cheong', I seem to agree to a certain extend.

Busy chopping the bbq pork

Qi, though was sleepy, managed to pull through dinner, for the love for food.

Qi, patiently waiting for her food to be served

Feel like having soup, and was recommended the black chicken boiled with sea coconut. This was a really 'pou' soup and sweet - for it contained black chicken, pork, white fungus, dried sea coconut, and a kind of snail. Of course we only found out about the snail when we were curiously asking what was that, when we were served. It tasted a little like abalone, but upon hearing snail, and it not being a common item used in soup, we expected to pay high price for this soup.

Black Chicken with Sea Coconut Soup. Price-RM80

The beancurd though being fried till golden yellow on the outside, its inner part was real soft and smooth - feels a bit like having tau foo fa.

Beancurd. Price-RM21

The steamed chicken was fresh, and love the simple soya sauce and the fragrant fried garlic that accompanied the chicken.

Steamed Chicken. Price-RM28

We love how this brinjal was cooked - it has really strong taste - a combination of sambal, 'tau-chiong', chilli and dried prawns.

Brinjal. Price-RM16

The highlight of the dinner must be this plate of bbq pork. It was roasted so well that we took each bite slowly, in order to enjoy every bite of it. The best part of the meat that I love was the slightly burnt and harder part which carried the sweet taste of honey.

BBQ Pork. Price-RM30

Overseas Imbi is located at a hot-spot, thus jockey (RM4) parking is recommended.

Restoran Oversea (Imbi) Sdn Bhd

84-88 Jalan Imbi,
55100 KL
Tel : 03-2148 7567, 2141 2642, 2144 9911

Business Hours :
11.30-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm


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