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Yong Tau Foo @ Ipoh Road

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Bud's god-brother, Wai, was kind enough to drive us all the way to Jalan Ipoh for Yong Tow Foo 2 Fridays ago. I've watched 'One Day 5 Meal' promoting this place, and this is my 1st time here.

The weather the other day was sooo humid, and when we got there, there was a long queue of cars trying to get in. Thank god we found a spot just outside without having to join the queue. The business here is so good. It was just so packed.

Outside the restaurant

Me & Bud. The skinny one is in black, and me in part white. Make our size difference look more apparent, huh? LOL ..

After ticking what we'd like, submitted the order, and the yong tau foo were served to us in less than 5 mins. So fast and efficient - can even beat the speed of fast food restaurants.

This are the combination of yong tau foo we had. It taste normal lor, and can't seem to find what is the 'wow' factor.

Yong Tau Foo. Price-RM0.80 per pc (or was it RM0.70?)

Paper wrapped chicken is my favorite. My mom used to make this very often, like about 10 years ago. Now no longer. The chicken is really moist, and the marination had worked really well, but for the price of RM3.50 per pc, I don't think it's worth it. I think its time to ask my mom to revisit this dish again.

Paper wrapped Chicken.Price-RM3.50

Bud was craving for the dried taufoo. It is indeed good. Crispy and taste good with the rojak sauce, and lotsa peanuts. It was cheap, but I now can't remember how cheap it was.

Dried taufoo

The rojak was normal tasting. The typical fruit with rojak paste. But for this plate of fruits, I also feel that this is overpriced. My most favorite rojak still remains the 'Mui-Cher Rojak' at Jalan Alor, where this couple will come in their motorcycle, parked in front of the famous Claypot Seafood Noodle. They are only there on Tuedays & Fridays.


Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo
Near to Duta roundabout
67, Jalan Segambut, KL
Tel : 03-6252 6473


(my actual visit here : 240409)

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