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Read some articles on Departure Lounge previously, and finally checked out 2 weekends ago, with Boon. This is when I return his baby, Canon450D. Sob sob. Well, I should be thankful that he has been kind enough to lend it to me.

Once I stepped in, I just love it. Cosy enough. There isn't too heavy crowd here, thus a real ideal place for relaxing, catching up with friends, surfing which comes with free wifi or to research on travel destinations as Departure Lounge offer quite extensive range of books on traveling.

Inside Departure Lounge

Extensive range of books

Illy coffee is served here

Customers are encourage to share their holiday photographs on this wall. With all this beautiful photos combined, it looks really nice, and just makes you feel like traveling.

Photographs on wall

Saving my stomach for dinner, I just ordered a mushroom soup, french fries for sharing, and a cookies and cream blended coffee.

Didn't quite like the mushroom soup - feels like canned soup.

Mushroom Soup. Price-RM3.90

I absolutely love the french fries though. The french fries are cut thick enough, and gives me the feeling I'm having something between fries and wedges. The garlic mayonnaise sauce adds flavor to it.

French Fries. Price-RM7.90

A shot of me. Hidden between the shades

Still managed to pose, while ordering

Kelvin - decided to post his picture, though he claim isn't clear

Will definitely be back for its Illy coffee.

Cookies & Cream Blended Coffee. Price-RM10.50

Departure Lounge

No address, but if you are coming from Tropicana Golf Club, pass by the tunnel, turn right, pass 1st row of shop lots, go further down, and its at the 2nd row of shop lots that you will see on your left.

Business Hours :
8am-7pm (Mon-Sat)
10am-5pm (Sun & Public Hols)

(my actual visit here : Sat 180409)

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3 Response for the "Departure Lounge @ Taman Mayang Bukit Mas"

  1. Kelvin B says:

    Return baby camera but not battery charger horr??

  2. Can't keep the baby, keep the charger oso ok le.. Hehe.. Sorry la.. left it at home the other day without realizing. * <> *

  3. Ru says:

    Haha, you must've been really sad having to give the DSLR back.