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I remembered going to this Hainanese restaurant about 10 years ago, and suggested my colleagues to come here for lunch, since Paramount is one of the convenient location for us. . 

Simple, old restaurant yet keeps you coming back 
I barely remembered what I had previously, but I remembered it was good taste of home-cooked food. As one stepped in, one would realized there's nothing fancy about the restaurant but plain simplicity. The service was certainly one of the quickest that I've experienced in a restaurant.  

For choice of vegetables, we went with the option recommended which was the Kailan with Salted Fish. It was indeed one of the best I've tried. The Kailan was so fresh, and tasted crunchy, has strong wok-hei and good amount of salted fish within. 
Kailan with Salted Fish. Price-RM15
I'm pretty fascinated by how this fried egg was made. It was made with layers of egg white with choy pou ie. preserved radish. The egg were so soft and as we cut through, the raw egg yolk that tops it, melts through the egg. Yummy.. I can finish this all by myself. 
 Choy Pou Egg.  Price-RM15
The Threadfin Fish @ Ma Yau, was deep fried and texture of skin was so crispy. The simple soya sauce with oil was used as seasoning, and the freshness of the fish was apparent. The thinly fried sliced shredded ginger gave it extra ummph. 

Mayou Fish. Price-RM27

Potatoes is one of my favorite food.They sliced it thinly and braised it with sliced pork - the potatoes was just nice - soft enough, and the sauce was just perfect to go with our rice. The taste was tad sweet, but it is fine by me.  

Potato with Pork. Price-RM15
Verdict : 
The place to go to, when you want a taste of home cooked food. 

Restoran Ping Wah 
31 Jalan 20/16, 
Paramount Garden, 
46300 Petaling Jaya 

Business Hours : 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm (Mon-Sat) 
Closed on : Sundays 

Tel : Joe Hoo 012-2848754 / 016-366 8866; Madam Suan 012-284 7540

More details, vist their website 

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