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The 3 of us were seated at Pappa Rich, Setia Alam this morning, when Ryan posted to Cass and I, why don't we bring Cass to eat Bah Ku Teh, since we are so nearby Klang.. After looking at each other for few seconds, we decided, yea, why not... So Ryan politely informed the staff that we are leaving to eat Bah Ku Teh, and he will make it up with future visits to Pappa Rich.. Haha..

Ryan suggested this Bah Ku Teh place at Setia Alam, which I've never heard of. This part of the shoplots (not same area as Pappa Rich/Old Town) is relatively new, with not many shop lots occupied. He recommended this place as she thinks is quite good..

So here we are :

Fang Xiang Bah Ku Teh

We were asked if we want to take this special part of the pork, which we agreed to, when we were told, this part of the meat isn't too fat... Cass & I were presented a bowl each of this special pork, which I later found out its the waist part of the pork (apparently it isn't easy to slice this part of the pork). Just by looking at it, it spells the word 'tender meat' to me.. and true enough, it indeed was, and just loved the whole part of meat, which comes in form of almost neat layers... Most importantly, the fat part was just nice for me
bah ku teh soup is unlike the usual, as it doesn't has the strong herbal aroma that bah ku teh usually carry, and this, comes in a form, which tasted more like thick gravy from stew pork.

Special Pork. Price-RM12

Mr Ryan, being the gentleman, did the serving..To make him happy, we complied. Haha..

Dai Kuat (big bone) that Ryan had

Fang Xiang combines 'Xiang' which means fragrant, whilst 'Fang' was taken from the lady boss name, which also represents 'Se Fang Fat Tat'.. The lady boss is a pretty young gal, which wanted to be different (she ought to be the 1st lady owner of bah ku teh pottery, and especially since, she is young - only in her mid 20s).

Each pot of bah ku teh is cooked personally by her brother, as it is very important for them to maintain the 'fo hau' (the right heat to cook).

There is also option the more soupy version which comes in claypot, and they will soon introduce more dishes, namely signature prawn, and their homemade taufoo. As it is, they have added dim sum which is also made by themselves, to their list of offerings.

Wa, so much info I digested over brunch today... and the good news is, they will open another outlet at Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, by mid Oct... I can head there then.

Fang Xiang Bah Ku Teh
13A-1, Jalan Setia Prima S U13/S,
Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam.
Tel : 016-205 7655 (Syvonne Lee)

Business Hours :
7am-3pm (Mon-Fri & Sun),
7am-3pm & 6-9pm (Sat)
Off day 1st & 15th of lunar calendar

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