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Dae Jang Gum @ Taman Danau Desa, KL

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Initial plan to head to Seoul Korea to celebrate my birthday required a slight as we found out the place was closed when we reached there (least expect a Korea restaurant to close during eve of Raya)... anyway, gotta resolve to Plan B. Suggested by Kim to go Dae Jang Gum (what a popular name used for Korean restaurant), which is located on the same row.
And lucky we were early, as the place got really busy towards later, as some of the customers which I saw, walked towards Seoul Korea, and turned back to Dae Jang Gum, after finding out it was closed.

We were served with banchan. The spread doesn't excite me too much, guess I have been spoilt with choices from Seoul Korea. However, they were decent, and we still had 2nd round of helping.

Spread of banchan

The kimchi soup was good... spicy enough.

Kimchi Pot. Price-RM15

The korea seafood pizza was 1 of the best that I tasted. It was really crispy on the edges, yet was with the right amount of thickness, and ingredients filled within.

Korea Seafood Pizza. Price-RM20

The BBQ pork was indeed very tasty, and was springy when chewed.

Pork. Price-RM28

Of all, the ginseng soup was quite a let down. It has a very bland taste, and doesn't carry enough ginseng taste that is expected from this bowl of goodies.

Ginseng Soup. Price-RM25

We just had to order the fried glass noodle, which happened to be 1 of my favorite in Korean food. Just love the texture of the noodle, and this plate was fried with enough ingredients... The sesame seed and oil used lent a wonderful aroma to this plate of noodle, and overall, tasty.

Clear glass noodle. Price-RM20

The seating outside

Thanks bud, for buying over this banoffee cake from Alexis... ignore the 'melting effect' of the cake. Btw, bud, I love this necklace & pendant !

Me with the 3 gals. Thanks gal for the birthday celebration.

We too had the hot & cold sake the other night.. The hot sake tasted weird, somehow... but the cold sake was a lot of better.

Dae Jang Gum
shoplot, same row as Seoul Korea/Jalal Yusof makan
Tel : 03-7982 1004

Business hours :
12-2pm, 6-10.30pm (close on 2nd & 4th Sundays)

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