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Antipodean @ Telawi, Bangsar

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My dear friend, Janis, has been expressing how much she loved Flat White from Antipodean, and so, when she brought another mutual friend, Chloe, to try this out, I collectively received good feedback from these 2 coffee connoisseur.

Did some search online on blogs for this place, and somehow, the food and place looked really enticing. My chi-muis agreed to meet up here, and so we had our dinner together.

I liked the setting of Atmosphere, with cool use of black and red. And it was surely apparent, that they are serious about coffee. Info I gathered from KLue is that they uses quality coffee beans roasted by Indonesia's top specialty roaster, Merdeka Coffee, which is a boutique coffee company dedicated to sourcing, selecting and roasting the best Indonesian coffee. With its fair-trade policy, they only purchase their coffee from small Indonesian growers

Inside Antipodean

1st thing to order - Flat White.. Finally get to taste! Me too really liked this, like the 'kau'-ness (thickness) in the coffee (as some flat white I tried elsewhere, are usually rather bland), and just the right after-taste feeling, of the coffee lingering within.

Flat White. Price-RM8

Order are to be made from the big size menu ie. as written on the 'blackboard' wall. Just thought that they should also have hand-out menu, for easy reference.

Antipodean's menu

They have decent amount of selections, but confined to limited choices within a selection. Eg, they sell pasta, but there isn't many types of pasta dishes to choose from. Well, suppose this is acceptable, as long as what's offered is good.

Breakfast is served throughout the day, and thus we ordered the Big Breakfast.
Came with toast, choice of bacon, chicken, beef or pork sausage, mushroom, scrambled egg, and hash brown. We took the pork sausage, which was tasty, and I super loved the saute-mushroom, which was saute to perfection, and just liked chewing and feeling the texture of the mushroom. :)

Big Breakfast. Price-RM18

This has to be my No 1 favorite Asian salad. The sauce that came with this plate of salad was really yummy.. It has the right balance of sourish taste, which made everything that went along with it, tasted so good, even the fried onion was good... It has quite a fair bit of shredded chicken too.

Burmese shredded chicken salad. Price-RM15

We placed the rest of the orders, after Jane arrived, the 'very-soon' mummy-to-be.

The pasta (conchiglie) has this chewiness, that somehow went pretty well with the feta cheese. The pumpkin, too, fills in as the right combination with this pasta dish, and it was sweet.. Nice! Gives a feeling of 'healthy' despite having feta cheese in this dish.

Pumpkin, sage and feta cheese pasta. Price-RM17

I took a bite of this croissant, scramble egg with bacon. I liked the open sandwich style, as it gives us the impression, wow, there's so much to eat.. In fact, nothing will not taste good taken with bacon, as bacon has the natural aroma and saltiness that perks up your appetite.

Croissaint, scrambled egg with bacon. Price-RM16

We too had the grilled chicken with tomatoes, green bean, and balsamic vinegar... The chicken was tender, and carried a level of sweetness (think was marinated with honey as well), and topped with the balsamic vinegar, 'perfecto'!.

Grilled chicken with tomatoes, green bean, and balsamic vinegar. Price-RM18

Lots of packed coffee, ready to go

A small area for the kids. Parents will surely appreciate this corner, to keep their children a little busy

We somehow will make 'special' effort to meet, prior to a chi-mui close to giving birth (same case with Rina the other time, but too bad, she could not join us this round). Can't wait to see the little Jane popping out.. must be as good looking as the parents.. :)

From L : Jo, me, Jane, Clarice

Antipodean Cafe
20, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar.
Tel: 03-2282-0411

Business hours :

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  1. There good ambiance

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  3. Chong says:

    Oh yes.. I do agree with you about their food menu. It's especially inconvenient for customers who are sitting outside.