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Oriental Cravings @ One Utama, PJ

Posted by Sherlyn K On 1:12 PM 2 comments

This was one of the restaurant that I frequented, when I was working at Tropicana, about 6 years ago. Wanting to touch base as to, if the food here still taste as good, suggested to Eug to have dinner here. He gladly complied, even though he was here during lunch time. Wah! So nice of him. Maybe that's the beauty of meeting up old friends once a while.. Hehe!

Oriental Cravings. Never fail to have good crowd.

I wanted to try their cendol. And surprisingly, my first scoop of this shaved ice into my mouth, I immediately voiced out 'soooo nice, wor!'.. It has the really thick gula melaka, sufficient coconut milk, soft cendol, and I liked the ice that has this slightly 'harder' texture. Overall, PASS!

Cendol. Price-RM4.90

We also really liked this lotus root with petai, with chunks of garlic, stir fried to perfection. The lotus root retained its crunchiness, and the minced pork that went with it, added extra aroma to this dish. Yummy! I will order this again the next I'm here.

Lotus Root Petai. Price-RM16.90

The golden beancurd was as perfect as I last had it years ago. The ultra soft texture beancurd, wrapped around by this thin layer of crispy beancurd skin, topped with the extremely topping, made-up of dried prawn, minced meat, and radish. It was seriously, aromatic, to the max!

Golden Beancurd. Price-RM11.90

As for meat, we opted for chicken with rice wine, the soupy version. This claypot of tender chicken, came with fried egg, black fungus, and cooked with light rice wine, was just the right order we made. Hot and soupy, it went just so well with the overall dish and rice we were having. Well, guess I just love rice wine.

Rice Wine Chicken. Price-RM26.90

Eug & I . Lucky Eug still can smile, despite having to solve his many issues (which comes as a package of being in advertising industry) over the phone.

I can't wait to be back again, to Oriental Cravings. I also remember that their oatmeal prawn was absolutely delicious too.. Will have this the next time I'm here.

Oriental Cravings
G359, Phase 2, One Utama
Tel : 03-7727 2581

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2 Response for the "Oriental Cravings @ One Utama, PJ"

  1. Chong says:

    Their noodles like Curry Mee and Claypot Lou Shu Fan are quite good too.

  2. Lovinlife says:

    SO many good choices ya! Will try your recommendation the next time I am around 1U :)