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Positioned itself as serving world's finest coffee, and being the 1st that brings in 'Graffeo' coffee to Malaysia, Coffee Chemistry Cafe, or better known as CCC, does set itself apart from other cafe. And I find it quite an interesting combination, that this cafe shares the same space with HTC and Digi..So those who come for HTC and Digi, may possibly be CCC's customer, and vice versa.

The eateries at Sunway Giza has bloomed of late (unlike earlier days where it was relatively quiet), and to find this place, one should look out for MOVIDA (
CCC is located inside Cubic Platform, above MOVIDA), next to Full House.

Graffeo was founded in 1935 on the streets of San Francisco's Italian culinary capital, North Beach. Graffeo is one of North America's oldest artisan coffee roasters serving rich, dark, fresh roasted beans.
Malaysians are surely blessed by entrepreneur that brings in products that is different from what's already in the market.

As you enter, you will see lots of HTC products on display.

Best of HTC products

3 LCD screens, displaying their range of products, pictures of customers, etc

After we ordered, we have some time to kill, so took some shots, here and there.

Love the classy signage of Graffeo

There is also a HTC training room, with meeting in progress

Me, sis, and her daughters

My nieces, posing with their food... yumms yumms...

I took the set lunch that came with option of either black coffee or ice lemon tea, with choices of main. The coffee was a strong thick coffee, with good coffee aroma. I will surely come back again for its coffee, that comes with coffee art, as I've seen many impressive 'designs' on CCC's Facebook page..

Black coffee

This was the spaghetti that came as part of my set lunch choice. This mushroom spaghetti is surely a winner. Not only it came with lots of mushroom, and big chunks of garlic, this plate of spaghetti really has this super intense strong aroma - garlicky, and tasty to the max. Good choice !

Mushroom Spaghetti.

We also ordered the Ham, Tomato & Cheese (stands for 'HTC') wrap. Every bite out of this tortilla wrap was filled with lots of goodies. A healthy choice, yet yummy.

Ham, Tomato & Cheese Wrap

The homemade mushroom soup was delicious too... Right thickness, with lots of finely cut mushroom.

Homemade mushroom soup

Took the cafe specialty, of their homemade chicken mushroom puff pie. This pie version was rather different.

It came with creamy mushroom sauce, and chicken, and mushroom. We just didn't like the slight sourish taste inside, despite the crunchy flaky crust.

Homemade chicken mushroom pie. Price-RM8.90

After filling our stomach, we felt more relaxed, and walked around the cafe, a bit.

Very cute bear, branded with HTC branding

Also, soft toy of the very popular Angry Bird, and other characters

Being located at upper floor, it wasn't too convenient, for sis to have carried the stroller up the stairs...and thanks to a gentleman which is HTC's staff, for offering himself, to carry the stroller down, after we finished :)

Coffee Chemistry Cafe (CCC)
C-3A-1, Sunway Giza Mall,
Kota Damansara,
47810 PJ

Business hours :
10am-10pm (Mon-Sun)

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