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The Lounge @ GTower Hotel, KL

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This good deal got me really attracted! A good deal offered by Dealmates - RM49 instead of RM124.. The deal for 2 pax comes with a 3-tier mini pastries and sandwiches set, 1 slice of cheesecake, and free flow of coffee. Wanting to try this, I've purchased this as a birthday treat for Janis..
Having reached here at 7pm, we only had an hour before they close :(

I liked the overall lounge setting. Spacious, with lots of green. Maybe it's nearing closing time, we were the only customers that evening.

We were immediately served our tea set. And was overwhelmed by the number of delicacies that were presented in front of our eyes.

The 3 tier mini pastries & sandwiches set and coffee waiting to be savored

We had the whole lounge to ourselves... cosy area.

From the overall pastries that we took, we felt it was way too much of the pastries that were made of chocolate. I liked the croissant which was fluffy.. as for the rest, it was alright ONLY.. cheesecake was very light, without much of the minimum that would be expected of a piece of cheesecake, cupcake was too dense and wasn't moist, and overall, definitely won't be something worth paying RM124 for.

The overall selection of pastries we had with this set

Its a wonderful feeling for me to see my friends coping well with their life, and I'd like to wish Janis, a very happy birthday, once again. To many more wonderful years to this beautiful life! :D

The Lounge
GF, GTower,
199 Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 KL
Tel : 03-2168 1919

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