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Seoul Korea @ Taman Danau Desa, KL

Posted by Sherlyn K On 10:01 PM 5 comments

Seoul Korea has always been on my list of restaurant to try out, and since we were due to meet for Sam's belated birthday celebration, I took the chance to suggest this place. Dinner is to take place on Sat, and thank god I called earlier to make reservation, as the queue was relatively long (customers were queuing at the staircase, as this restaurant is located at 1st Floor). And I was looking for parking at 7.10pm (my reservation of 7pm will be held for 10mins), and the lady boss already called to check if I was coming, otherwise, they will give up my table for the waiting customers.
Glad that we had a room, and criteria for reservation on weekends is to have min spend of RM150.
Our initial order fall short, and we ordered the extra to make-up to RM150.

We were starving at the time we made our order... and under the full house situation in the restaurant, we didn't need to wait too long for our food to be served.

Doesn't look like so, but this restaurant is full with customers (all seated, with many of them still queuing outside)

To my opinion, Seoul Korea has the best selection of banchan (side dishes), and the tastiest that I've ever tried. Seriously! They even gave pork banchan which was simply delicious, and steamed egg. I also absolutely love the crispy seaweed. Overall, highly satisfied! Can't wait to have this again, and again.

Banchan served by Seoul Korea

The marination by Seoul Korea was absolutely top class, as both the bbq pork and chicken that we ordered was tasty to the max. Tender and juicy. Yumms!

'Dae-Ji Gal-Bi' Pork Spare Rib. Price-RM25

I loved the chicken here, as it still retained its chicken juiciness, even after BBQ. Yumm.. and tasty to the max.

'Dak Bulgogi (Spicy)'. Spicy Chicken BBQ. Price-RM25

The Korea Style steamboat (casserole) looked interesting to us. Though it doesn't look any close to the menu, we liked the sweetness of the soup, and the tender pork which came with its most natural sweetness.

'Bulgogi Jeongol'. Marinated BBQ Steamboat (Casserole)

Have always liked Korean Style Seafood pancake. Thus ordered 1 to try. This pancake was slightly crispy on the outside, while brought us the right thickness throughout, and bite that went along with seafood, nice!

'Hae-Mul Kimchie-Jeon' Korean Style Seafood Kimchi Pancake. Price-RM20

The pork spare rib bbq marinated with traditional korean recipe was alright.. It has a more plain taste, and while chewing the meat, it feels like having finely cut slices of pork. Not exactly something I'd order the next time.

Traditional style marinated BBQ. Price-RM35

Next time I will remember to use the 'flash' function when I passed my camera for others to take pix. This turned out a little blurry.. :(

After paying the bill, we were presented with this complimentary slices of really sweet watermelon, and a bottle of ginger drink.

Complimentary watermelon, which was really sweet, and bottle of ginger drink

Overall, I was highly satisfied with the dinner here, and it had me posting on FB afterwards, that I had the best korean food in town. Can't wait to be back again. With so many choices of Korean restaurants around, its no surprise to me that Seoul Korea is doing exceptionally well... Try it, and you will know it.. and overall, their price of food is truly reasonable. Plus point!

Seoul Korea Restaurant
(above mamak - Jalal Yusof)
1-1 (1st Floor), Plaza Danau 2,
Jalan 4/109F, Taman Danau Desa,
58100 KL
Tel : 03-7982 4607 / 017-688 1491

Additional note : Seoul Korea is located opposite Danau Idaman condo entrance beside the Shell petrol station in Taman Desa.

Business hours :

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5 Response for the "Seoul Korea @ Taman Danau Desa, KL"

  1. I like this place. It's cosy and the food's pretty good. The owner is quite friendly too...probably because the friend who brought me here is good-looking. :P

  2. Lovinlife says:

    Hi Bangsar Babe,

    Yes, this place is such a cosy place..
    The owner seemed friendly, despite the overwhelming crowd. Your good looking friend may indeed be an advantage :)

  3. Quite a traditional korean restaurant. Would like to try it out when I back to M'sia next time^^

  4. JoinMe says:

    Hi SherlynK,
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on JoinMe.com.my, thanks.
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

  5. Lovinlife says:

    Hi Seoul Walker,

    YUP! You really ought to visit Seoul Korea when you return to Malaysia..
    And you have quite an interesting blog!! :)