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One of the most talked about F&B outlets, are these chain of restaurants by BIG. I am no different, and am curious to check out this canteen-like open concept restaurant.

Dina and I reached at 1pm+, and its no surprise that the restaurant was packed. We opted to come back later, and upon 'assigned' to a seat in between people, literally - left, right, opposite, behind, we opted for a seat outside.

Like the use of white by BGFS

Ready to order

I like the seating area outside, with more privacy as we don't need to share our tables.. hehe.. Of course, the concept inside, gives a person a different unique experience all together. BGFS definitely gave me a refreshing dining experience...

Me and Dina - a lunch to celebrate birthday of my sweet little buddy friend..

I like that we can order the salad, with 1 choice priced at range of price between RM9.90 - RM12.90 , whilst choice of 2 salad is priced at RM19.90 and 3 choices for RM29.90.

We ordered the Marinated Button Mushroom - a cold salad that combined barley, spring onion, soy and lemon, and Roasted Cod Fish & Pineapple, that combined green chili, cucumber, tomato, coriander and coconut milk dressing. There were generous portion of cod fish, and combined with the sweet and sourish pineapple, it was a nice healthy combination.
As for the other choice, though their salad tasted slightly bland, we surely got the most natural taste of the barley and the marinated button mushroom.

Marinated Button Mushroom and Roasted Cod Fish & Pineapple. Price-RM19.90 (priced at RM12.90 and RM11.90 respectively, for individual order)

I have heard much about how different pizza from BGFS is, and just had to order this. Seafood has always been my favorite, and we ordered the Pescatora Pizza.... The freshness of mussel, squid, fish and shrimp were apparent, and the tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic enhanced the taste further. The little gravy inside the mussel shell surely 'captured' the natural sweetness of the mussel. Nice! The pizza dough definitely deserve praise, as it was thin enough, with soft tender dough.

Pescatora Pizza. Price-RM29.90

Align CenterJust love the white raw finishing on the wall

Best use of space inside. Clean and neat space, and just 1/2 hour earlier (during lunch time), it was almost 100% packed.

Ben’s General Food Store
G17-G18, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village I
Tel : 03-2284 8790

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