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Gong Cha @ SS15, Subang

Posted by Sherlyn K On 3:15 PM 5 comments

The craze for bubble tea continues, with the presence of another big name - Gong Cha, which has been much anticipated by the bubble tea lovers.

I was happy that I had the chance to swing by SS15 to take-away Gong Cha's drink. This was around the same time that my nieces were falling asleep in the car, while on our way home. Boy, was I not surprised to find that their eyes were wide open when I got back to the car with my drinks... They smell something fishy when the car was stopped. Hehe...

When I stepped in their SS15 outlet (this being their 1st branch, and to-date, they have their 2nd outlet opened at The Gardens), I noticed that all designs are kept the basic. Well, I thought to myself, I can bear with the appearance which may not be as fancy as their closest competitor, as long as I get to taste a yummylicious cup of bubble tea.

Gong Cha kept to its simplicity

Their list of drinks were listed on this 2 TV screens, and on printed leaflet which customers can refer to. They have a total of 28 drinks, which works out to about only 10%+ of its competitors, but I liked the fact that I will be able to try 'em all, sooner, and I thought 'perhaps, they only choose the top of their most favorite to sell in the market'..

As for their price point, they only have 1 size, with lowest price being RM3.90, up till RM6.50 for its tea range of drinks, whilst its coffee price range is between RM6.90 and RM7.50.

It offers extra add-ons at RM1 for the general add-ons which include Pearl, whilst RM1.50 for White Pearl, and RM2 for Special Form.. The last 2 got me pretty curious.

List of drinks listed on the TV screen

Staff at work, to prepare my drink

Oh, 1 thing I like about Gong Cha, for each order, the staff will double check with me on the range of ice and sugar level that I prefer.

I ordered the Gong Cha Signature Milk Winter Melon Tea for myself. I used the straw to take a sip of the milk froth... Sooo extremely smooth, and a strong aromatic taste that lingers... I then continue to sip the tea and milk on the other layers....Oh My! Tasted so good... I love the mild winter melon taste... After that, I sipped back again the milk froth, so that I can taste it for another time, before I mixed the drink together..

Gong Cha Signature Milk Winter Melon Tea. Price-RM5.90 (+RM1 for Pearl)

Here's the actual procedure of drinking the tea..

3-steps to drinking Gong Cha's signature milk tea

I ordered the Plum Green Tea for sis. Love the piquant taste that came from the plum.. Nice!.. The mild green tea taste doesn't overkill as well..

Plum Green Tea. Price-RM4.90 (+RM1 for Pearl)

After the first taste of Gong Cha, I can't keep my mind of it... and the following week, as I was driving pass through Subang, I just kept justifying to myself, that the few turnings getting to Gong Cha wasn't too much a trouble.. And so I was there on the hot burning afternoon... This was the day I saw the Gong Cha signage being put up.. :)

This time, I decided to also go for their House Special, and this time their Signature Milk Green Tea. I like the very mild green tea taste, and at the same time, the same enjoyment I had, in being satisfied over the creamy smoothness of the milk froth on the top. As I was so curious about how their White Pearl taste, I opted for this

A 'savior' on an extremely hot hot afternoon

While driving, I slowly sipped my drink, and slowly chewed the white pearls. I was informed that this was done using seaweed extract (if I am not mistaken), and this transparent like pearl has their texture that feels like thick jelly, yet, has the chewy feeling. Its not overall smooth, and I was extremely curious of this, that I decided to take some out, to check it out, when I arrived at my destination.

Look at how cute these White Pearls are...

Yes, Gong Cha will definitely occupy a special place in my heart. ^<>^


Gong Cha

SS15 and The Gardens Mall
Tel : 03-5638 3328

Website : www.gong-cha.com.my

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5 Response for the "Gong Cha @ SS15, Subang"

  1. Hey cousin! I love the way you describe the food taste. Makes me wanna have some too!!! hehe

  2. Hooray...another version of authentic bubble tea...I'm a big fans of bubble tea...looking from your descriptions...I think Gong Cha provides a better service towards customers?
    (can't wait to try it if I happens to go KL)

  3. Lovinlife says:

    Dear cousin! din know u have a blog too.. u can start jotting down what u'd like to eat when u come back to M'sia..

    yes- i feel Gong Cha has better service, but having said that, for Chatime, it could be, its always long queue, and so, they lack a little bit on that part, as they try to expedite delivering the drinks to the customers.

  4. Michelle L. says:

    I pass dis new outlet abt a week ago at D Gardens & of course, there was a long queue. When one see's a long queue, its a norm one wud think dat it must be gud. Frm d way u describe it, I'll probably may head down there 2moro & join d queue. After all, am a huge fan of bubble tea. Another 2things I wanna add (since I'm already typing)...in regards 2 Apartment, KLCC...well, its not u. Its d food. Its sucks big time. Its been overrated. N as 4d Korean outlet in Tmn Desa, all dis years, many a times hv been contemplating on trying it. Well, after reading yr verdict, I too will give dat a try sometime soon. So thx 4d feedback.

  5. Lovinlife says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Glad you find my info provided is useful. So, did you managed to try Gong Cha?
    And when you do try Seoul Korea, do let me know if you like it.. You know la, different ppl, different taste.
    Yes - I never will visit any outlet of 'The Apartment' after my that particular experience at KLCC branch.