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TJ Haus @ Subang Jaya

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This meet up was in celebration to Aloysius and Janice's birthday. How quickly each year passes by. This place has long been mentioned by Aloysius and Sam, and we finally get to try it.

I walked up the stairs with much anticipation, and enjoyed my every steps, admiring the deco hung at the wall.

The wall and stairs leading up to TJ Haus

As I stepped in TJ Haus, I see a restaurant filled with neat decoration, that combines English style and garden-like.

Inside TJ Haus

While waiting for us to arrive, Aloy ordered this, to first fill up his stomach. The chicken was coated with breadcrumbs, fried till crispy, while retaining moisture within, topped with mushroom sauce.
I liked how the sauce complimented the chicken. This plate also came with potato wedges, and salad on the sides.

Chicken Chop in Rich Mushroom Sauce. Price-RM19

Upon my arrival, we ordered the rest of the food for the night.

Pumpkin is not my all time favorite, however, I liked the thickness of this pumpkin soup, garnished with whipped cream and pumpkin seeds. Tasted so rich.

Pumpkin Soup. Price-RM7.50

For the appetizer, we went with the rosti - Swiss dish containing mainly potato. The portion of this appetizer was quite big, however, the grated fried potatoes was rather little, but that was fine, as we had really lots of Swedish marinated salmon, topped with sour cream. This also came with lots of greens. Yumms. From the little share of rosti that I tried, I really liked this. The potato smell was just aromatic, and the onion just complimented it, and this was fried with slight crispiness by the sides. I likeeeee!

Graved Lachs with Rosti. Price-RM19

The crispy duck was highly recommended by Sam and Aloy whom has been here. Duck in a Western restaurant? Interesting.. So we did ordered.. This German Style crispy duck was made by grilling to perfection, topped with brown orange sauce, served with red cabbage and boiled potato. The sour-y tasting red cabbage taken together with the crispy duck, brought just the right taste to the senses.

Crispy Duck. Price-RM24.50

The grilled fish was really fresh, served with thick sauce, topped with tomato, and grilled potato, lots of broccoli and salad by the side. Those that love olives will especially love this, as the sauce had lots of olives too.

Grilled Fish. Price-RM28

As for dessert, we ordered their famous chilled cheesecake, a piece each meant for the birthday boy and girl. A refreshing cheesecake with peach topping. Everyone just loved this, as the texture was really dense, and just so creamy and rich.

Cheesecake. Price-RM12

The other dessert that we ordered was the fried banana. I liked this. With it being fried, its crispy on the outside, coating the sweet and soft banana. Taken with vanilla ice-cream, this dessert is really not bad.

The yummy cheesecake waiting to be eaten.

Map to TJ Haus

TJ Haus Restaurant
27, 1st Floor, SS18/1B,
47500 Subang jaya
Tel : 03-5636 4508

Business Hours :
11am-2pm, 6-11pm
(Closed on 1st and 3rd Monday of the month)

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