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A meet-up at Empire Shopping Gallery, with my dearest ex-colleagues/boss, Alicia and Remus. We gave Remus the choice of where to eat, since he is now based back in KK. He opted for Lam Mee Ya, which didn't took us long to agree... He totally loved the food here, as he just had lunch at the same place, and again, during dinner ._.

One thing which I took notice from the 1st time I've been to Lam Mee Ya, is their menu. Overall, its a menu that carried clean look, with clear white background and most importantly, delicious looking food. Simply love their food photography...

Just love their menu... Uhhh.. everything looks so good

Remus immediately ordered the famous Lam Mee Ya char siu bun...
Oh, it was just sooo good... Soft bun, filled with lots of fillings, which tasted extremely delicious. The minced pork was extreeeemely tasty...

Char Siu Bun. Price-RM2.90 each

A change from my usual visit, where I usually go for their lam mee, we decided to order dishes...

Each of us had a bowl of their 'dan dong', and I had the white radish.. It came really hot, and we slowly take each sip with full satisfaction. Can really taste that this has been boiled long enough, for all its natural taste of the ingredients to have came out so strong.

White Radish Soup. Price-RM7.80

Jes opted for the steam rice with lard, good choice! looked absolutely delicious.. Am sure it brought extra 'kick'... the rest of us took the steam rice..

Lard Steam Rice. Price-RM3 (normal steam rice - RM2.80)

Asam Squid and prawn, I have nothing much to say, except that it was just too spicy for us...

Asam Squid & Prawn. Price-RM8.80

The Steam Pork with Black Bean sauce looks appetizing on the menu, and it doesn't fail when came to the real thing. This went so well with our rice.

Steam Pork with Black Bean Sauce. Price-RM7.80

The asam chicken tasted just nice. Chunks of chicken fried, and then cooked together with asam sauce. The asam with just the right level of sourness, made this a real appetizing dish.

Asam Chicken. Price-RM7.80

The sweet and sour pork had just the right texture, and had this caramelized effect. Nice.

Sweet and Sour Pork. Price-RM8.80

Another dish that got us praising was the pork leg with vinegar. Pork cooked till tender, whilst the soup was sour enough, with slight sweetness, made us wanting for more.

Pork Leg with Vinegar. Price-RM10.80

Each time I met Alicia together with Remus, it reminded me of the good old days. I had a wonderful dinner, despite us feeling rather hot, seated quite near to the kitchen.

Jes, Alicia, me and Remus

Lam Mee Ya
LG31 Lower Ground,
Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel : 03-5635 9818 / 5635 9858

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4 Response for the "Lam Mee Ya @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya"

  1. passby this shop a few times. I thought they only have noodle. Wow..got Pork Leg with Vinegar.Will go and try it out. Thanks

  2. Lovinlife says:

    Hi Small Kuching,
    I think their outlet in 1U doesn't sell all this.. Yes, try them out soon ya..

  3. alex says:

    got 1 tasty ipoh chicken kuey teow soup in ambang botanic, klang. tis guy also got lam mee & homemade fish ball. tasted recently & u know wat....excellent. the shop's name restoran tung po. u moight wanna give it a try.

  4. Lovinlife says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing this info... It's just minutes from my house, and I wouldn't have noticed or tried, if not recommended by you.. :)
    Not many people sell lam mee here, so its good that this shop sells that...now I have a new place to makan-makan.. :)