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Since all family members were around yesterday, decided to have dinner together. Finding the right place to eat may not be as easy, as all had different opinion. We ended up trying out Restoran Tain Siang at Bandar Botanic.

Open amidst rows of new shoplots, this Taiwanese steamboat concept stood out from far, with its bright green signage, occupying 2 shoplots.

Still a lot of work in progress around Restoran Tain Siang

Peep through the window decal

This is surely a high-end steamboat. They only offer ala-carte, and not charged per pax. Seemed like nothing cost less than Rm10 per plate. A 6pcs fish egg ball cost RM20, 5 pcs "mongolian" wrap cost RM17.. However, we were curious to try, and ordered 10+ plates to try..

Just part of the menu

I didn't managed to snap pictures of the food we ordered, as the waitress placed them in, all within minutes, without asking prior, and so she decided what goes into which side of the pot. :(

Something that we found special was the 'Squid Sausage', as shown in picture (below), strips of black sausage with white dots. It curls up within secs of soaking them in the hot soup, and tasted very springy. This unique plate of sausage came with a price, at RM32... hmm..

The handmade prawn paste glue tasted coarse and pretty normal, whilst the handmade noodles, which costed RM10 for the small plate was way too expensive. Its real thick noodle texture, and required 15 mins cooking (why sooo long?)..

From L : Five Flower Pork - RM20, Handmade Prawn Paste Glue - RM15, Handmade Noodle - RM10, Squid Sausage - RM32

Their USP, whether the spicy or soup, is that they used 62 different type of herbs to cook the soup base. And the spicy soup based, has this, strong taste which suited well to Taiwanese taste bud. We all loved the soup base, and has this very natural sweetness (they claim no usage of MSG).

The hot pot, and is almost ready to be eaten

Huge space, with quite a number of tables filled up

They currently have this offer of, YOU BUY RM500 voucher, WE ARE THE HOST voucher worth RM300 will be given free OR YOU BUY RM1,000 voucher, WE ARE THE HOST voucher worth RM1,000 will be given free. With the bill coming up to RM315, its only natural that we went for this promo.

Quite a smart gimmick, to get customers to return for at least 2x, instead of 1-off.

Based on the number of filled up table, I would think that there is still market for this kinda business. As this is a rather fresh and new offering, in Malaysia, and worth trying, at least 1x. The set back is, you may not leave with fully filled up stomach. :) UNLESS you are willing to part with lots of $ from your wallet.

Restoran Tain Siang
25-29, Jalan Kasuarina 2, KS/7,
Bandar Botanic, Klang
Tel : 03-3325 1799

Business Hours :


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