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Pantai Seafood @ Kayu Ara, PJ

Posted by Sherlyn K On 12:40 AM 2 comments

A text that reads "dinner for Steven's farewell on xxxx "... Even not knowing fully why a farewell is taking place, I agreed to it (any reason to have dinner with my closer friends..hehe).

Suggested Pantai Seafood for dinner this round, as I had the urge to eat here (after passing there during my lunch at Lala Chong few weeks earlier)..
I used to frequent this place, and I meant, really frequent, when I was working with 1 of my ex-employer. So, I do miss the food here, somehow. To be frank, over the many many times previously, all were good dining experience. The food has never failed to "deliver".. :)

This was the 1st place that I tried fried kailan... I thought this is an interesting vege to order, for the 1st timers here. The leafy part of the kailan was fried till so crispy, that you simply have no idea it is actually kailan. In fact, it tasted a little like seaweed. Just love the 'oh-so green' plate of vege.

Fried Kailan in 2 varieties. Price-RM12 (S), RM18 (M), RM25 (L)

The pork rib with marmite sauce was absolute delicious too. Tender tasting pork rib, with thick sauce that coats all around the not too fatty pork.

Deep Fried Pork Rib with Marmite Sauce. Price-RM18 (S), RM23 (M), RM32(L)

The fried tanghoon has the right 'wok hei', and tasty throughout.

Since this dinner was 'for' Steven, we ought to respect the one dish he requested for. Steam fish! Okie. Dokie.. We ordered the talapia, teo chew style, steam. The fish was fresh, and we just liked this teo chew style that blends the sourish taste and natural sweetness taste. And not forgetting the salted vege and tofu.

Steamed Talapia, Teo Chew Style. Price-RM26 per kg

Yes, I have been craving for crabs for the past 2 weeks plus. With a little coaxing, they agreed to order crabs. Yay... Had the salted egg crab. I think anything that's cooked with salted egg somehow will just taste good. The thick yolk stuck to all parts of the crab allowed us to have the salty taste that combines just so well, with the fresh crab flesh.

Crab. Price-RM42 per kg (with min order of 2 crabs)

We had a nice dinner catching up, and all the best to Steven, on his new venture (it would have been better, if I had not fell sick, right away, while driving home)... On a positive note, at least I had a really yummy dinner, before losing all my appetite for the next few days.. :)

Up to now, I think all my friends know that a group photo has to take place, before they can dig in. Sorry & thank you friends..Haha...

Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka PJU6A,
Kg Sg Kayu Ara, PJ
Tel : 03-7725 5099/1099

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  1. foodbin says:

    salted egg crab is one of their signature dish.

  2. heard so much about this restaurant. Yet to have chance to try yet