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From my last year trip to Cameron, I thought this is truly a restaurant worth visiting. Our initial plan was to have steamboat at this highly popular steamboat restaurant (through some self-advertising that I saw) via internet. However, we came across a local, and was told, the food at that restaurant was over-rated, and instead, we were recommended to go 'Oldies & Goodies'...

Immortality soup - Oh, I wish I could live forever after drinking this.

Love the shiny & 'bling bling' effect used in the menu

Yes, so we did try the steamboat with the immorality soup. The portion look a lot for 3 pax, and of course, its because this big plate was filled up with lotsa of vege at the bottom (you find find very generous portion of vege in steamboats in Cameron, due to their many fresh vege available here). This plate is a combination of frozen 'goodies', and fresh stuff like prawns.

Steamboat. Price-RM20 per person. Above is portion for 3 pax.

I can't remember fully now, but I remember there were pumpkin and lots of others ingredients used in the soup base.

Steamboat, all cooked.. Can't wait to dig in.

Well, overall, I think one can skip their steamboat (unless one would really like to have hot soups from steamboat, in the cold weather of Cameron Highlands).

I find the dishes we ordered tasted excellent, and within very reasonable price.

Just look at how appetizing this plate of fried rice. Using lots of vege, mushroom, prawns, crabsticks, this plate of rice was filled with lots of gravy and came really hot, and just so yummy.

Fried Rice. Price-RM6

The other specialty is the pumpkin that were fried, and then coated with this really tasty, with slight sweetish taste. It gives just the right feeling as you bite it, as this was crispy on the sides, while the pumpkin remained soft and tasty on the inside. However, it was a little salty when we tasted it. Trust this would go well with white rice.

Pumpkin. Price-RM15

This plate of fried noodle was fried so well, and we just love the sauce used in this.

Fried Noodle. Price-RM6

This definitely will be the restaurant that I will visit again, and recommend to friends heading to Cameron Highlands.

Oldies & Goodies Roasted Restaurant
(from the night market spot, turn in where Hotel Star Regency is. Go straight as though you are heading to 'Cactus Valley' and this restaurant is located at the row of shoplot parallel to Hotel Star Regency).
19, GF, Jalan Angsana 1,
Brinchang Point ,
39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Tel : Loong @ 016-549 7774 / 05-491 5800

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5 Response for the "Oldies & Goodies @ Brinchang Point, Cameron Highlands"

  1. Anonymous says:

    IMMORALity soup. Typo ? IMMORTALity sounds about right....

  2. Lovinlife says:

    Oopsie.. yes typo... thanks for highlighting.. :)

  3. Immortality soup? errr....i dont wanna live forever but I do love the look of the yummy food you posted. Will bookmark this. wannaa go there makan...thanks :D

  4. Lovinlife says:

    Hi Small Kucing,
    Haha, u r right.. on the 2nd thought, its not such a good idea to live forever.
    Yes - do check it out when you visit Cameron Highlands next.. :)

  5. Anonymous says:

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