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Lala Chong @ Kayu Ara, Damansara

Posted by ijustwanaeat On 10:01 PM 3 comments

I used to frequent Lala Chong when they were operating from Kg. Subang. For that, I suggested to to Lena and Cass to have lunch here before Lena heads home the next day. After the lunch here the other day, I somehow think that the food at Lala Chong doesn't taste quite the same anymore.. :(

Their fried rice which used to be my all time favorite doesn't really live up to that, that day... Think it was slightly more wet than usual, and doesn't have as much chicken and prawn like it used to. However, I must say there's quite a lot of fried rice for order of 1 pax...(good enough to be shared by 3 of us)..

Fried Rice for one. Price-RM6

Lena wanted the Malaysian fried chicken wings before she heads back to US :) She got it.. And this fried chicken wings tasted good.. Thin crispy skin.. Yumms...

Fried Chicken Wings. Price-RM13

I seldom find this in most Chinese restaurants, thus decided to order their paku-pakis vege. In the menu, this is to be fried with tuna, but I really didn't liked it the one time I tried this. However their version with sambal is a lot better. Though it looks a little like water spinach, it has a unique taste on its own.

Paku Pakis. Price-RM11

I have all the while love their 'shuet san fei wu' fish. Sounded like title of TVB drama from the past.. hehe.. Its salted grilled fish. Peel of the skin, and savor in the freshest fish flesh.

Salted Grilled Fish. Price-RM27

Slightly blurry pix of us- Cass, me and Lena, but no complaint la...

Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant
Lot 13556, Jalan Cempaka Kayu Ara,
Damansara, 47400 PJ
Tel : 03-7728 1906

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3 Response for the "Lala Chong @ Kayu Ara, Damansara"

  1. the fish looks so yummy

  2. Hi Small Kucing,

    Yes - I like the fish.. Somehow I order that each time I visit Lala Chong.. hehe.

  3. Unsatisfied Customer says:

    DON'T GO TO LALA CHONG! This was the most awful rip-off that we've experienced in many years! I went there for a Father's Day celebration yesterday,and the service was horrendously slow, rude & terrible. Waiters kept ignoring us, we had to remind them to bring the food and drinks many times, and in the end we had to refill our own tea, and get our own drinks, glasses, and cutlery from the service areas. The utensils were icky and dirty. We even cleared our own table!

    The food was bad too. They got a few dishes in our order wrong, and served it so late, that we had finished our meal and were ready to leave by the time they served us the crabs. Oh, and the food was cold.

    All in all, a bad experience, and one that we had to pay through the nose for. I'm not a competitor, just a truly unsatisfied customer. Don't patronize this lousy place!