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McD @ Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang

Posted by Sherlyn K On 4:59 PM 4 comments

When sis told me she had breakfast at McD a week earlier, where by purchase of 2 cups of coffee, she received 2 sets of Big Breakfast free. I had to ask her to repeat her statement, as I find this deal to good to be true.

So I was really happy to find this McD's breakfast ad, with a cut-off coupon attached.

What a deal, from McD

Our attempt to have breakfast on a Sunday, to both McD outlets - failed, as both places were totally swamped with people... So, we postpone to claim the offer on Monday instead.

Though there was still queue, however, this is just a fraction of Sunday's crowd. The staff practically worked non-stop, in their attempt to serve the customers promptly. Well, there is surely a good reason to this fabulous deal - its a celebration in winning the Gold Putra Brand Award for 2 years in a row.

The Big Breakfast Set that consist of sausage McMuffin, scrambled egg and hash brown

Yumms, all ready to eat

What a big difference, after 11am, when the breakfast time ends

Mom posing proudly with her grand-daughters..

My cut-out coupon states 22 Mar as the last day of redemption, but the below coupon can still be printed out, and valid till 31 Mar for redemption.

The cut-out coupon

Even after this promo period, McD's breakfast is still very affordable...

McD's Weekday Special..

A change from my usual breakfast choices, I will head to McD for breakfast, occasionally, as McD does offer good value, filling breakfast meals.. :)

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4 Response for the "McD @ Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang"

  1. yes

    i had that too

  2. Omgwad says:
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  3. Lovinlife says:

    HI Small Kucing,

    A deal too good to miss yea..


  4. l.qinwei says:

    I’m lovin’ McD’s burgers and fries everyday by just looking at these delicious pics! Protected To Be The Best