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Restoran Yin Her @ Sungai Buloh

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With my aunty and uncle from Perth for a short trip, it gave more reason for me to meet up with my other relatives. Each time when meet up, the most popular question heard, will be 'where shall we eat this for lunch/dinner?'... Last Tue, Aunty from PJ suggested to have dinner at Sungai Buloh. This is 1 area that I am least familiar with.
When we reached the restaurant, we headed to the non air-cond area, facing the pond . Though without air-cond, it was a chilly night, as it was just after rain, and with slight wind breeze, what a nice weather...
After taking a look around, one thing prominent was the lush greenery - lots of plant...

Surrounding of the restaurant

Just next to the restaurant, there is a lake for fishing, with charge of RM20 per 3 hours.

There were a few man, patiently waiting for their rod to get hooked..

Our plates of food were served relatively fast, and I was told that this restaurant is really packed on weekends. No luck for crab the other night, as they have not been getting their regular stock.

As we looked at the plates of food placed on the table, we knew we are to savor good tasting food - Bon Appetite..

This was the braised yee mee and hokkien mee hoon noodle we had. The hokkien mee hoon was a little too wet. However, it doesn't lack the taste a good plate of noodle should have. The yee mee, just the right taste I'd like in a plate of noodle. Braised till just soft enough, and not soggy. Overall, these 2 plates has generous amount of ingredients - like vege, squid and pork.

Braised Yee Mee. Price-RM12

Hokkien Mee. Price-RM10

The winner has to be this plate of fried tanghoon. This was cooked to close perfection, not too dry, tasty overall, with lots of beansprout, prawn, cuttlefish, pork and not forgetting the dried prawn that was found in every other mouth of tanghoon I had.

Fried Tanghoon. Price-RM10

The salted mantis shrimp has this really wonderful aroma - the crunchy bites of this will set you wanting for more. Uncle said, this is best taken with beer. Makes a wonderful snack food too.

Mantis Prawn. Price-RM20

The steam lala was one of the favorite for all of us... This thin shelled lala, gave a nice chewy texture, and the soup which has a strong taste of chinese wine, and was cooked using wolfberries, ginger, and just enough chilli padi - its important that chilli padi doesn't overkill the whole taste. Nice!!

Lala. Price-RM25

We were then served complimentary dessert, a bowl each - the barley fu chok, with sago. Lovely way to end our dessert. Was told by cousin, that if we were to order rice and dishes, the owner will serve complimentary soup. I supposed every customer welcomes free stuff, yea?

Complimentary bowl of dessert

I had a wonderful dinner, catching up with my aunties and uncles. The dinner was 'spiced' up by my entertaining 'Aunty Mei Kei'.. :)

A group photo with all my relatives...

Another photo together, this time, just the ladies.. :)

Restoran Yin Her
(from Subang Terminal 3, go straight and turn left, heading to"Kg Baru Sungai Buloh". Then turn into a rocky pathway when you see "Restoran Yin Her" sign on the left).
AL 114, Jalan Welfare,
Kampung Baru, Sg Buloh, Selangor.
Tel : 03-6156 5876 / 012-298 1889

Business Hours : 11am-10.30pm (Mon-Sun)

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2 Response for the "Restoran Yin Her @ Sungai Buloh"

  1. Not bad ya? but sometimes the service not that good.

    To bad you didnt get to try the crabs. Love their salted eggs crabs.

  2. Lovinlife says:

    HI Small Kucing,

    I shall try that on my next visit.. Tx... :)