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I had the best roast chicken, chicken pie and scones, all within a meal. Can you all sense the 100% satisfaction that I had?

I met up with an ex-colleague, Honey (Haneda) on Monday, and since SACC mall was just closeby her house, we decided to have our meal at The Teapot.. Yes, I've eaten at its branch at Teapot, SS2 a long time ago, and looked forward to try this outlet, which is nearer to my home.

Love the cosy-ness within the restaurant. Of course, living up to its name, teapots are the main deco item within here.

The Teapot Deli.. The scones, looking irresistible to me...

Ordered their Roast Chicken, a popular dish here. This was indeed the best plate of Roast Chicken I tasted over. Its delicately marinated chicken leg, roasted with garlic and honey, tasted extremely delicious. The meat was so tender, and the sauce was thick enough. So full of taste. And the roasted potato, was tasty to max!

Roast Chicken. Price-RM15

Took a little Country Chicken Pie to try. This was really upclass. The crust was crispy with soft feel of fluffiness, and a bite of that together with the filling so filled up with chicken chunks, mushroom, Yum Yum! The overall taste was enhanced by pouring the brown sauce on top.. They provide very generous portion of the brown sauce ;)

Country Chicken Pie. Price-RM12

Just look at how rich and filled up was the filling inside this pie

I've tried many other places that sell scones, but if I were name the Best, in terms of No 1, I would think The Teapot Deli's scones would win, bar none!
The fresh scones were placed at the warmer, and will be heated up, just a short while, before serving. It adds the crisp to the scones.. Crispy outer layer, with the light texture of the scone, inside.. OMG!!! We couldn't stop ourselves praising the scones with each bite. The entire scone will be good to eat as it is, and it was extremely filled with fragrant buttery smell.
Best of all, it was extremely value for money. With RM4, it comes with a pair of scone, clotted cream and strawberry jam.
Scones Set. Price-RM4

Me and my lovely lunch companion, a sweet lady that live up to her name 'Honey'..

The Teapot Deli
Lot 2F-29, 2nd Floor,
SACC Mall, 40000 Shah Alam
Tel : 019-277 3043 @ Zakiah

Business Hour :
Open daily from 11am onwards
Closing hour : 9.30pm (Mon-Thu), 10pm (Fri-Sun)
Last order : 8.30pm

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4 Response for the "The Teapot Deli @ SACC Mall, Shah Alam"

  1. delicious!

  2. Aimi says:

    They all look delicious! It's not that expensive, right?

  3. Lovinlife says:

    Yes Aimi... not only the food is good.. it's also very reasonably priced.. check it out for yourself.. :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Delicious! I've tried above menu and also loved their Fish Pie. I've tasted the Cameron Highland scone, but here much better!