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Typica @ Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, KL

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Last week, I've been to THE place that offers the finest coffee. This must be a blessing for the coffee connoisseurs.

From the first few pictures of this post, one may mistaken these for scene within a science lab. This small sized cafe, yet extremely cosy, is located at Shaw Parade. Pacino, knowing that I love cakes, shared with me about Typica, and emphasized a few times on how yummy is the cake here, and how unique, of the coffee served here. Thus, arranged for him to share this little hidden 'gem' with me.

I began my conversation in Mandarin with the super friendly staff... And with my level of '1/2 bucket' level, I got 'lost' at some point as the Mandarin gone a little too 'deep' for me.

1 thing though, can really feel the enthusiasm, passion and her knowledge on coffee.

Siphon Coffee brewing process. I enjoyed every moment looking at how delicate the staff was throughout the process.

The more special brewing process that one has to try is their Siphon Coffee, for hot coffee, and the Ice Drip for the cold coffee.

For the Siphon process, the staff will only grind the coffee beans upon ordered. We were explained that should beans are being grind earlier, with its exposure with air, the originality of the taste will be lost. Oh, makes me feel like we are about to drink something, oh so precious..

We were brought plates of beans for the Siphon coffee we ordered... 1 Guatemala beans, and 1 Brazilian beans .. I even took 'em raw, and they were so fragrant, and crunchy.. Just like eating some kinda nuts.

Plates of Guatemala & Brazilian coffee beans

The beans were roasted raw (ie. without adding sugar/butter) as per some coffee roasting process...

The process of Siphon Coffee, which I bet one will wait patiently :
2 parts to the boiling pot,
bottom with boiling water... top part grinded coffee..
upon boiling, the water will rush up to the top part... and cooked together with the coffee..
upon which, the coffee will flow to the bottom part, leaving behind the grinded coffee.

The other 'equipment' for Siphon coffee. Interesting huh?

This is a method not used by many, as most other business are set towards generating most sales possible, and this method would take up too much time. For those who really appreciate coffee, one will definitely be hooked with coffee from Typica.

We were also informed later that the Ice Drip method would be even stronger, as each drip of coffee goes through the grinded beans. This has to be prepared earlier, as the dripping drip by drip, will take much longer.

The coffee maker for the 'Ice-Drip' process.

The smell of my cup of Guatemala coffee was so elegant and complex. It strike the right balance between refined acidity with a soft spice flavor. Took it without sugar, for a change, otherwise, will feel I will miss out on tasting the originality of this beans.
Enjoying my coffee. Price-RM13 per cup

Pacino, enjoying his..

Some polaroids inside Typica

We also ordered the Nutty Cheese Cake... This was a slice of high standard cake. Shaved chocolate, in between cheese, wrapped within spongy cake, top with caramel almond, and pumpkin seeds.
Each layer clearly distinct itself, and you could taste all of this within 1 mouthful. And yes, right level of sweetness..It was just a combination done so perfectly..

Nutty Cheese Cake. Price-RM10 per slice

Nutty Cake... I can see you are being slowly savored

Overall, I am impressed with how well they have made use of the limited space, at the corner of this building. Yellow warm lighting complements the entire setting.

Chatting with the staff. Man, there's just so much to learn, about coffee

A blurry view of the cafe.. simply love the flowers used as deco here

Overall, the price range of coffee here is above average. However, one can be assured they will be getting a cup of good quality coffee.


For those who are able to read Chinese, you may want to find out more info about Typica from their blog :

GL-08, Ground Floor,
Shaw Parade Plaza,
Changkat Thambi Dollah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:+603 - 2145 0328 / 019-294 9282

Business Hours :
11am-9pm (Sun-Thu), 11am-10pm (Fri, Sat, holiday eve)

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