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Have heard much about fried porridge in Klang... Just by hearing 'fried porridge', it gave me such mixed feelings... It's something so different, makes me really wanna try this, yet, can't imagine how porridge will taste like, being fried.

Was there weeks ago, and all their dishes are prepared in 1 size only... thus, for those who came with only 2 pax, there may be a little disadvantage, as they would probably be so full after just 1 bowl of fried porridge.

All 4 of us agreed that this bowl of fried porridge was indeed tasty. The crispy pork lard used definitely played a big role in making this dish taste so much better.. It also has chunks of chicken, and dried cuttlefish. Yumms!

Fried Porridge. Price-RM12

We also ordered the fried meehoon with mantis shrimp (with a min order of 10pcs).. The mantis shrimp was definitely tasty, though it isn't that easy to peel of its shell, and require some skills.

Mantis Shrimp. Price-RM32

The steam lala was also good, though the size of the lala was a little too small. It's steamed with chinese wine, with ginger and chilli padi. Simple and nice.

Steam Lala. Price-RM18

This restaurant is mainly patronized by families, and the crowd was getting bigger nearer to dinner time. Overall this is a place serving good meal at reasonable price. Total bill came up to RM65.80 for 4 pax.

The restaurant from the outside, occupying 2 shoplots

Restoran Bubur Goreng

32, 34 Lorong Lang,
Taman Berkeley,
41150 Klang
Tel : 016-6868 579

Business Hours :
5.3opm - 2.45am

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4 Response for the "Restoran Bubur Goreng @ Taman Berkeley, Klang"

  1. hmmm....the bubur one siz only :(

    Looks like I have to ajak more friends go and eat. Apart from the lard, anything else in the bubur?

  2. Lovinlife says:

    Ya lor.. the lady say, those come 2 person also order that same size, come 10 person also that same size...

    Yes, ajak more friends there la.. so that you all can try more things..

    Apart from lard, got dried cuttlefish, and I think also with chunks of chicken..

    So when u going? ^^

  3. Anonymous says:

    hello, can i copy and send this image (restoran bubur goreng) to my friends? thanks.

  4. Lovinlife says:

    Hi A,

    Ya, feel free to share 'em with your friends..:)