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The Shepherdoo @ Centro, Klang

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After trying out Shepherdoo with Remus few months ago (earlier blog), brought Sis, Qi and Yao for lunch here. I just can't wait to try out what else is good here.

Seated inside

While waiting for the 2 good-looking chef to prepare our order, got the 2 angels - Qi and Yao to pose for the camera.
Qi, promoting The Shepherdoo. Doesn't she look adorable?

After posing inside the restaurant, we then adjourned outside for more shots. Qi and Yao are such grown up girls, and they are so good in posing nowadays (with some cheeky shots).

Some of the shots taken the other day

Yao, Me and Qi

Wen, the proud mummy

After the few shots, our meal were ready to be served. The spaghetti by the name of 'Songs of The Sea' has such a supreme flavour. Seafood cooked with chef made flavored red sauce has a real pleasing taste, with the thickness of tomato juice, slight sourish, and truly fragrant. It also has generous portion of seafood - mussels, prawns, squid... We just loved this.

Spaghetti - 'Songs of The Sea'. Price-RM23.90

The other order we had that got we 'ooh and ah' from the very first bite was the Pizza de Hawai. Not too big a size, which will made one appreciate every bite of these slices of pizza. It combined ingredients which included turkey ham, caramelized onions, pineapple slices, red sauce, mozzarella cheese and oregano. Love the cheesiness of the pizza, and the very thin slice of the base - crispy!!!

Pizza de Hawai. Price-RM14.80

Since we still had some space in our stomach for more food, can't resist but to order additional food - chose the Tapas Sharing Platter. It combined portions of chicken quesadillas, fried squid, fried fish and chicken wings.Maybe it was us that was feeling full later on, but we preferred the first 2 orders earlier.
This Tapas Sharing Platter is a good choice for one to have a taste of, a little of everything, from its appetizer list of menu (apart from this 4 items, they have more appetizer list in their menu).

Tapas Sharing Platter. Price-RM28.90

Glad to have discovered this restaurant. We don't need to travel out of Klang for good Western food anymore. Yippee!

This restaurant is run by a really young team, and again to mention, the chefs are young and good looking. They look even more charming as they have this real passionate look while preparing the food ^-^

The Shepherdoo
Entrance Forecount,
Ground Floor,
Centro Mall,

Business Hours :
11.30am till between 12mn-1am, daily

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