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When come to eating scone, I have often been told that The Smokehouse at Camerons serve the best scone. Having tried its scone close to 10 years ago, I can hardly remember the taste. I had the chance to revive the feeling while I was there 2 weeks ago.

One will be able to spot The Smokehouse when driving through Tanah Rata. Once stepped down from the car, you are surrounded by this really lovely garden, and I love this 'board' placed on 1 of the wall. 'A distant rumour of a long forgotten garden..... Thank the almighty for all things beautiful! Be happy!'

A little about 'The Smokehouse'

Once we stepped in this English Tudor style hotel built in 1939, it is truly the ultimate colonial ambiance. Love it here... and us, wouldn't want to waste any time, headed straight to snap snap snap pictures of us, at as many corners possible, of this place.

Relaxing ambiance

Peaceful afternoon - window overlooking the garden

What could be a better weekend, that enjoying the traditional Devonshire Cream Tea set, in the lush gardens of The Smokehouse. (There is another branch that has opened at One Bangsar recently, and I have yet to try)

The garden at The Smokehouse

With such a lovely garden, we could almost ignore the rusty chair, table and swing. Keke..

Rusty chair

We opted for the Devonshire Cream Tea set - Devonshire cream tea refers to tea taken with combination of scones, clotted cream / whipped cream, and jam (according to Devon method, its jam over the cream). Right method of eating is by splitting the scone in 2, cover each 1/2 with cream, and then add strawberry jam on top.

The freshly baked scones .
(2 scones, pot of tea, cream and jam - good for 1 person)

The homemade strawberry preserve and cream

I just love this scone that was oven baked till golden brown. It was almost a perfect scone that has a crisp exterior with an interior that was light and fluffy with a rich buttery flavor.


Have a cuppa tea, at the garden. My perfect afternoon!!

The Smokehouse
By The Golf Course
PO Box No 77 Tanah Rata,
39000 Cameron Highlands
Tel : 605-4911 215

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