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The Shepherdoo @ Centro, Klang

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Remus whom worked at Shah Alam would like to 'hang out' at Centro, thus I suggested 'The Shepherdoo' which I saw many times on my way home, but had not had the chance to check it out.

It was a pleasant 'discovery', where The Shepherdoo combines inside seating and alfresco seating, and it menu serves western food, with slight similarity of what's served at American Chilli's. Above it all, it has a good crowd of customers which means this place ought to be good.

They have daily happy hour where from 12nn till 9pm, customers get 1 + 1 drink, and for non-alcoholic, to take RM5 less from the drinks' price. Not too bad a deal.

We went for the Acapulco Cream, coffee liquor which combines tia maria, baileys and vodka,with ice and milk. It tasted like we are having milk, with little alcohol in it.

Acapulco Cream. Price-RM19.90 for 2, from 12nn-9pm

Remus ordered the 'Shepherdoo's Gringo Burger', a chef recommendation - its juicy beef patty made from premium South American topside, turkey bacon, egg and cheddar cheese. Remus really loved this one and told me its really good. And since I'm not a beef eater, yes, it does look and smell good

Shepherdoo's Gringo Burger. Price-RM23.50

A pose of Remus before his meal, and somehow this look resemblence a little of the logo of Sherpherdoo's. Kaka..


Shepherdoo's logo - cute sheep

I went for the Chicken Parmigiana ala Mexicano - breaded fresh chicken breast baked with tomato sauce plus melted cheese with a side curly fries and fresh greens. Like the taste of chicken and cheesiness of that surrounds it.

Chicken Parmigiana ala Mexicano. Price-RM21.90

Me, before my meal

We sat inside, the air-conditioned area, however, felt the ventilation wasn't working too well, as the kitchen operates here as well. However, it got better later of the night, after they open up the glass door that surrounds this part of of the restaurant.

The inside seating of the restaurant

A look into the restaurant

The Shepherdoo
Entrance Forecount,
Ground Floor,
Centro Mall,

Business Hours :
11.30am till around 12mn-1am daily

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