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Bora Asmara @ Kg Sg Penchala

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A restaurant nestled within the kampung neighbourhood sounds interesting to us (though I've been here few years back, can't quite remember how it was like, or how to get here). With the help of map from Bora Asmara, was here to celebrate the birthday of Aloy & Janice.

Love the ambiance that is towards the Balinese style - open-air and spacious enough. We were there early, before all other guests, and before the evening rain starts.

Within the restaurant compound

Outside Bora Asmara

Another view of the restaurant

Berposing before our dinner

Apart from the quite a different ambiance, I wouldn't recommend one to come all the way here for the food, as the standard was so so only, truly. Bora Asmara would have garnered another visit in future should there were 50% of the dish we ordered the other day tasted good, however, am disapointed that none of the dish that made me feel that a returned visit will be worth it.

We started our dinner with Top Hat - a famous nyonya snack which also known as Pie Tee. The filling of the top hat combines sengkuang, carrot, egg and spring onion. Sadly the most important 'recipe' to make this good is the case/top hat that holds the filling which ought to be crispy was not the case. It tasted like this was prepared earlier, and not placed in an air-tight container.

Top Hat. Price-RM15.90

The nyonya asam fish being one the popular dish doesn't carry much aroma.

Nyonya Asam Fish. Price-RM42.90

The tofu was a simple dish using japanese tofu, fried, and cooked with oyster sauce together with mushroom. Doesn't taste bad, nor good.

Singkong Tofu. Price-RM12.90

The only better dish was the Ayam Bakar Warung which was barbecued well, fragant enough and moist tender tasting chicken. However, for this approximate 1/4 chicken size which costed RM19.90, not that worth it, I fel

Ayam Bakar Warung. Price-RM19.90

The kailan with salted fish tasted just like an ordinary plate of vege, with really not much of salted fish spotted, nor much of its taste. Tasted like lots of oyster sauce was used to make this plate of vege tasty.

Kailan Salted Fish. Price-RM11.90

The pandan chicken surely lacks the aroma of fried chicken wrapped in pandan.

Thai Pandan Chicken. Price-RM19.90

I felt really bad for making some comments on the overall food quality. The only thing that enhanced our experience was the really friendly and helpful staff which were all the time ready to be our photographer that night.

Aloy & Janice - the birthday guy and girl (seated).
Standing from L : Sally, Sam, myself

Bora Asmara also has this band that comes around each table to sing for the guest, starting at 8.30pm. The lead singer could really sing well. Started with birthday song to Aloy & Janice, followed by 2 more numbers. From where we were seated, we saw a total of 3 birthday cakes brought into my guest, showing that this is indeed a popular restaurant for birthday celebration.

Being a little kiasu, we surrounded the band for a shot

Us being open to try out new places, could at least now say, at least we have tried, and hope Aloy and Janice had a wonderful birthday the other night.

Bora Asmara
Lot 2933, Kg Sg Penchala,
Jalan Damansara,
60000 KL
Tel : 03-7726 0964

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