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Shook @ Starhill

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Weeks ago, were at Shook! for dinner. I've 1st been to Shook! when it first opened, and returned for the 2nd time in 2010.
Shook! indeed is a place for great fine dining experience, then, and now.

Shook! patronized by many VIPs

While waiting for dinner to be served, we were treated with a piece of chocolate from Armani/Dolci which has an outlet in Starhills. Not a taste I fancy.

Complimentary chocolate

One thing about the menu is that it combines the fusion of the east and west. With its overwhelming choices, we took a good few minutes to go through its different offerings neatly categorized under the different sections of food types - Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Western Grill.

We started the dinner with Seafood Bisque soup, which was a thick soup cooked with artic prawn. It surely had the strong prawn taste. Delicious.

Seafood Bisque. Price-RM29

Had Classic French Escargot as appetizer. This oven baked escargot with garlic and pernod was so aromatic, and was real fresh. Something I'll recommend for escargot lovers.

Classic French Escargot. Price-RM36

The other appetizer we had was the sashimi - the right way to taste the freshness of the fish is to have it raw. Served with premium soyu and fresh wasabi (it was definitely freshly made wasabi by the coarse texture of it), this plate of 5 varieties of n 10pcs sashimi costed RM77. It surely is premium, and no wonder it tasted so good.

Five Varieties of Sashimi. Price-RM77

We filled our stomach with yet another appetizer order - Snow White Dancing Prawn. This stir fried with hot mayo sprinkled with honey glazed walnuts was seriously good - a creation that is second to none, a must try creation of Shook! Could taste the freshness of the prawn in each bite of it, which was really springy and chewy, and the sweet warm mayo tasted really good with the prawn.

Snow White Dancing Prawns. Price-RM59

We we stuffed by the time our main meal order came. The pan fried cod fish served on spread of mashed potato and mushroom. Also tasted really good and the freshness can be seen through the texture of the fish.

Cod Fish with Mashed Potato and Mushroom.

Upon me stepping out from the washroom, were surprised by yet another order of this kinda big sized dessert served upon me. We had many varieties of fruits, mashmellow and cookies to be dipped with the hot chocolate. I bet this would have tasted so much better if not I was stuffed to the throat.

Chocolate Fondue with Fruits

Just the right place for fine dining

Feast Floor, Starhill Gallery
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 KL
Tel : 03-2719 8535

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