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Checkers Pizza @ Bukit Damansara

Posted by ijustwanaeat On 1:30 PM 3 comments

Spotted this restaurant when I previously had dinner at Hot Chocolate, thus decided to give it a try. Its located in the middle of this row of shoplot (all shops are closed in the evening, except for Hot Chocolate and this one).

Upon walking in, was asked by the owner if we made any reservation, and not knowing that this is rather a popular restaurant around this neighbourhood, we were seated outside the restaurant. Nice to be seated outside, as it was rather noisy inside, within the closed door. It was a windy evening - and later throughout the dinner, it rained. Luckily the rain wasn't too heavy, and we didn't need to shift our table.

View from the outside

When asked the owner, what is nice to try? his reply was 'we have removed things that are not nice'.. Hmmmm.. So 'action' I thought, during then.

We tried the pesto sauce spaghetti with seafood. Don't see many of other restaurants serve spaghetti with pesto sauce, and this like this different offering found here. We like the fresh seafood - prawn and lala, and mushroom used to cook together with the spaghetti using pesto sauce. The portion was rather big too.

Seafood Spaghetti with Pesto sauce. Price-RM18.50

The other order we had was the grilled pork with sausage, combined with salad and mashed potato. The pork was grilled till really fragrant, and its flesh was truly moist and tender. The concoction of sauce tasted really special - not too sure what was it , but it did combined some cuts of onion, with sourish taste. Was also rather unique to have 'kacang kuda' served as part of salad.

Grilled Pork and Sausage with salad (top angle). Price-RM35

Grilled Pork and Sausage with salad (side angle)

While we were engrossed in our conversation, we were approached by the owner, if we'd like dessert. We had option of chocolate mid pie, or the cendol served with rambutan and ice-cream.

Opted for the 2nd one. Sooo glad we tried this - it was combination of scoop of really smooth vanilla ice-cream, topped with canned longan, cendol, cincau, almond, hazelnut, and the highlight of all, was the rum. This is truly a must-try.

Cendol with ice-cream. Price-RM15

The advantage I have is that, this place is located very near to my office. I can't wait to return here, for the very same dessert, and to try out its other dishes.

Checkers Pizza Sdn Bhd
19 Lorong Setia Bistari Dua,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 KL
Tel : 03-2095 3304

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3 Response for the "Checkers Pizza @ Bukit Damansara"

  1. Anonymous says:

    WIll never go back again. The owner is damn snobbish, attitude problem.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Yes, I agree on that point - absolutely snobbish..
    But during 1 of my visit, he so nice pulak.. Got 'angin' i think..

  3. Anonymous says:

    yah, the operator got angin