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One of the post from masak-masak's blog that caught my eyes was the Chun Kee special hand pull pan mee. I've tried a similar pan mee located at SS2, however, when I had a chance to try this during an early lunch last 2 weeks, this was by far tasted a lot better. I can't help but to return here for the 3rd time, in a span of just 2 weeks.

During the 1st time of looking for this place, despite having some directions, I wasn't too sure if I was heading towards the right direction. Was a relief when I saw the 'He Pin' sign by the end of the road, which is an old bungalow converted to a coffee shop (located at the end of the road, facing a factory that process recycled papers)

Spot this sign

During my 3 visits, chatted a little with the lady boss - Ah Ying.She's indeed super friendly, and she is indeed a lady filed with gratitude towards those who help spread the word on her pan mee by her repeatedly saying 'Thank you, you all ar, thank you, you all ar' which was with a big grin on her face. Her pan mee was also featured in The Star's food trail by Sam Cheong.

The process of the delicious hand pull pan mee begins with :

1. Kneading of flour dough, into small ball size, and soaked in water in a big basin.

Kneading of dough

Balls of flour

2. Upon order, each ball is pressed, picked up,pulled and stretched.

Pressing the flour ball

3. Almost consistent size and length of kneaded flour put to boil.

Cooking in progress

We have the option to sit at the outside seating (underneath big trees), or inside the shop (this shop is converted from an old bungalow).

Inside the restaurant - lots of windows around

I was swallowing my saliva when the bowl of the most appetizing bowl of pan mee was served to me.

Delicious bowl of pan mee

Thin and transparent pan mee

Each piece of the pan mee were almost of the same size, in terms of width and length. I suppose the quality control was easier, as all came from the ball sized flour dough. The pan mee was so smooth, and it felt like it just glided down my throat. Haha.. A little exaggerating. However, it was truly the smoothest I've ever tried.

The bowl of pan mee, priced reasonably at RM4 per bowl (and additional 0.50cents for egg), was garnished with anchovies, fried shallot, vege, and lots of minced pork. The other bonus was the extremely clear and sweet broth. The lady boss said she added a lot of good stuff into it. It truly tasted so.

For those who love spicy chilli, the chilli here will sure to please you, at it is real spicy.

Not too sure of how many more times I'll return here for a bowl of tasty and delicious, yet reasonably priced pan mee ^-^

Chun Kee Special Hand Pull Pan Mee
(if you are coming from Federal Highway, turn in where P1 - Green Packett office is. Go straight till round about, and take 3 0'clock turn. He Pin is located at the far end of the road).
Restoran He Pin
Off Jalan Penchala
Tel : 016-968 1696 (Lady Boss-Ah Ying)

Business Hours :
7.30am - 2.30/3pm

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