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Rakuzen @ SS15, Subang Jaya

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For a change, it was just me and my parents that headed down to SS15, Subang Jaya for lunch. Thought it'll be a good idea for them to break from their usual Chinese food, to try Japanese this round.

A relief to see that we don't need to queue on the Sunday noon to get into Rakuzen- as this place is all the time with long queue, especially during dinner.

The 1 Japanese salad I love the most ought to be the Kaori-hako crab and flying-fish roe salad with miso dressing. Every item on the plate plus every spoon of the salad sauce tasted good. The slight sourness of the sauce made a whole lot of difference.

Kaori-Hako Kani to Tobikko Salada. Price-RM18 (Large-RM28)

Tofu tempura with sauce. My parents really loved this, for the tofu was really soft, which was lightly fried on the outside.

Agedashi Tofu. Price-RM12

We also enjoyed the sweet tasting udon soup, and the thick udon noodles. Overall its good. Thought this set is really worth the price.

Nabeyaki Udon to Zen. Price-RM32

I have always love the Japanese clear soup in tea pot, thus ordered a pot for my parents to try. The only comment was, why such dainty small cup to drink the soup. Hehe.. I suppose that made the soup extra special - small cup so that you can taste every sip of it. The soup boiled together with carrot, fish, chicken, prawn, mushroom made it really sweet, and extremely, cleeeearrrrrr..

Dobin Mushi. Price-RM16

Bad lighting. Hehe.. My parents and I

My parents don't usually go for ice-cream, but they loved the fragrant red bean that goes so well with the rich flavored green tea ice-cream.

Macha Icre-Cream. Price-RM6

Overall they really enjoyed the meal.

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