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Pasta Zanmai @ Sri Hartamas

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I lost count of the number of times that I've visited the Pasta Zanmai chain. Were there prior to CNY with a few ex-colleagues. Liked it when I come in a bigger group, which means that we can order items from the menu, for sharing.

The sesame sauce pasta with tempura, plus the mini unagi rice set was part of the montly specials offered. The sesame sauce with slight sourish taste, slight sweetness and fragrant of sesame went really went with the pasta. In fact the same sauce is used for various menu items, including salad, pita bread roll (similar as california roll, but pita bread replacing the seaweed), and various different pasta. This seems like a really brilliant creation as the taste blend so well with almost any other items.

The chicken teriyaki was so-so somehow.

Pasta on the left above is part of the set, together with the Mini Unagi Rice (below). Price-RM22
Chicken is part of another set which combines a maki roll. Price-RM22

The unagi lightly grilled with teriyaki sauce, topped with half boiled egg, went well with the rice, when mixed together. The egg somehow just tasted so soft.

Mini Unagi Rice

We love the thin crisp pizza, which combined spread of tomato base, topped with lotsa mayo, onion, mushroom, scallop and squid. Love the taste of this pizza.

Hotate Pizza. Price-RM26

Towards end of the lunch, decided to order an extra item - the pasta in soup. A rather special dish - with slight herbal taste, this spaghetti was cooked together with mushroom, clams and cuts of fried garlic. We slurp the soup till the last drop. ^-^

Asari Wafu Special. Price-RM26

Though all of us are now working in separate company, its nice when there is such opportunity to meet together for Friday lunch. ^-^

From L : Kristine, Suan, Candice, Beng Geok and I

We had to order this choco banana for sharing. This creation that combines crunchy cornflakes, with chocolate flavour ice-cream, banana, whipped cream, and waffle is a truly indulgence. Guilt was taken out as this was shared among so many of us. Hehe..

The Heavenly - Choco Banana. Price-RM15

After so many visits, glad to find that quality of food is well maintained.

Pasta Zanmai

P-2C, Plaza GF, Hartamas Shopping Centre,
80 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Tel : 03-6201 1610

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